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SpaGuard pH Increaser 18 oz
SpaGuard pH Increaser raises the pH. pH is the most critical factor because it changing rapidly when bathers, products or other elements enter the water.ÊSpaGuard's pH Increaser provides spa owners with a quick-dissolving granular formula to raise dangerously low pH levels, preventing costly damage to spa plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces as well as provide a much more comfortable water supply for bathers.


Raises the pH
Protects equipment from corrosion due to low pH
Balances water for bather comfort

Measurement and Dosing:
Use all level measurements. 1 cap-full = 2 teaspoons, 3 teaspoons= 1 tablespoon

Directions for Use:

Use an accurate test method to determine pH.
Using the chart below and pH test results determine the required amount of SpaGuard pH Increaser needed to adjust the pH to maintain a reading of 7.2-7.6.
With the pump running on high speed, sprinkle the required amount of SpaGuard pH Increaser into the spa water and continue running the pump for 30 minutes.
Retest pH and adjust as necessary.
A good maintenance habit is to test for Acid/Alkali demand periodically.

Spa Capacity
less than 7.2 pH
7.2 pH
7.3 pH
7.4 pH or greater

100 gal
2 Tsp
1 Tsp
.5 Tsp
not neededÊ

200 gal
3 Tsp
2 Tsp
1 Tsp
not neededÊ

300 gal
4 Tsp
3 Tsp
1.5 Tsp
not neededÊ

400 gal
6 Tsp
4 Tsp
2 Tsp
not neededÊ

When you use SpaGuard products, you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the spa and pool industry; whose dedication and purpose is making your spa or pool the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have.

Sodium Carbonate:Ê100%


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