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SpaGuard Anti Foam Concentrate 16 oz
Foaming is fairly common due to agitation and the presence of lotions, body oils, cosmetics and other substances. Solution: SpaGuard Anti Foam. Use it to quickly eliminate surface foam caused by excess undesirable compounds and detergents.ÊÊSpaGuard Anti Foam's powerful formula instantly removes foam with just 1 squirt of the bottle, yet won't disrupt your spa's delicate pH level, making its use worry-free.Ê


For use with all sanitizer types.
For use in all spas and hot tubs
Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents


When you use SpaGuard products, you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the spa and pool industry; whose dedication and purpose is making your spa or pool the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have.


Use As Needed
1/2 fl oz per 600 gallons of water.


Add 1/2 oz. of SpaGuard Anti Foam per 600 gallons of water or 1 teaspoon per 200 gallons.
Pour directly into water with pump running.
The amount of SpaGuard Anti Foam required depends on the nature and quantity of foam present.
If foaming persists repeat this dose as needed to control foaming.
Rinse filter after using.

Soaps or detergents may cause excessive foaming requiring large quantities of this product.


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