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SeaKlear Spa Enzyme KlearÊdestroys scum lines, odors and helps remove excess oils using a natural enzyme.

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In May, Natural Chemistry purchased the SeaKlear division of HaloSource, Inc. Natural Chemistry then rebranded as NC Brands, with its Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear and Red Leopard branded products all falling under the new name.Ê
Product Type:ÊHot Tub

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Destroys oily scum lines and odors
Assists in the removal of excess oils from pool water
Compatible with bromine, chlorine, ozone and peroxide sanitizers
Made in the United States.

Product Dosage

For Cleaning Tile:ÊApplyÊSeaKlear Spa Enzyme KlearÊfull strength on a sponge or brush at tile line.
For Cleaning Water:ÊFor initial application, addÊSeaKlear Spa Enzyme KlearÊto the skimmer or directly to the circulating pool water at the rate of 1 oz. per 2,000 gal. Allow to circulate thoroughly. A second application may be necessary after two days if a severe problem exists.
Maintenance Application:ÊTo maintain crystal-clear water, add 1 oz.ÊSeaKlear Spa Enzyme KlearÊper 4,000 gal. of pool water weekly. For extreme oil in water, double the dose and frequency.
Closing:ÊAfter following the normal closing procedures recommended by your dealer, add 4 oz.ÊSeaKlear Spa Enzyme KlearÊfor each 2,000 gal. of pool water through the skimmer.


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