Rendézvous® Spa Specialties™ Spa Specialties Brominating Tablets 1.5 lb


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Rendezvous Brominating Disinfectant Tablets 1.5 lb
These tablets are a concentrated source of active bromine that dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection. Their new round shape easily fits into most feeders.


Keeps water clean, clear and odor free
Effective as chlorine
Works over wide range of pH levels

Compatible With:
Ozone, and mineral purification systems.

Gives the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor.

Proper sanitary practices require changing spa water every 90 days or as necessary.


Follow label instructions for proper use

Bromine! It remains effective in a wider range of pH levels (7.0 - 8.4) than chlorine (7.4 - 7.8), and therefore, it can better protect your water from bacteria and viruses. Also, bromine in itself is a strong sanitizer. At a high pH level of 7.8, only about 25% of chlorine is active, but bromine remains efficient. And its byproducts, bromamines (a combined substance), produce their own sanitizing action, making bromine an even more powerful bacteria and virus killer. Add to that, that bromine already in your water can be reactivated using potassium monopersulfate after it has killed the bacteria. Reactivated bromine means less chemical use and bigger cost savings for you in the long run.


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