Protech Chlorinating 3" Tablet - 50 lb

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Chlorinating 3” Tablets are a slow dissolving form of stabilized chlorine called trichloro-s-triazinetrione (trichloroisocyanuric acid), commonly known as “trichlor”. Trichlor is a highly concentrated source of chlorine and is primarily used to disinfect and sanitize pool water. This product dissolves slowly and completely in water and is particularly suited for continuous dosing. Trichlor reacts with water to sequentially release three molecules of hypochlorous acid, the active killing form of chlorine.


 Slow dissolving – Simplifies pool care with long-lasting routine chlorination through skimmer, feeder, or floater application.

 Built-in UV stabilizer – Prevents sunlight from degrading the chlorine.

 Continuous killing power – 90% available chlorine continuously kills bacteria and controls algae.

 Clears up hazy water – kills and oxidizes contaminants that lead to dull, hazy water.

 Ideal for all pool surfaces.

 Economical – low cost, easy to use the product.


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