Pool Blok, PB-12 by US Pumice, Pumice Stone for Cleaning of Pools, Tiles, Pummis Stone to Remove Lime, Rust, Algae from Pools, 5.75x2.87x2.87 (1)

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Brand: Pool Blok


  • REMOVES LIME AND CARBON BUILD UP - Get your swimming pool tiles clean and ready for the summer. Works where chemicals fail. Removes rust, mineral build-up, lime, stains, hard water stains and other deposits from ceramic tile with ease
  • SAFE and FRIENDLY: Safe for most pool surfaces including tile, grout, concrete, and gunite. This Pumice Pool Tile Cleaning block will help you swimming pool regain its shine again
  • Rubs out deposits without harm to ceramic tile or pool plaster. Will not upset the pool PH balance, Safe around children and pets
  • FLOATS. No need to drain pool. Ideal as a Spot Cleaner. Shapes to any surface. Measures 3in x3in x 6in

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: Pool Blok Pool and Spa Cleaning Block. Your order will contain a single Original Pool Blok. SAVE in bulk when buying the 3 pack or the 12 pack. Measures 6" x 3" x 3". Pumice Stone Swimming Pool and Tile Concrete Cleaner. Hard Surface Cleaner. Used For Removing Lime, Rust, and Leaf Stains From Swimming Pools, Erases Rust Marks Without Harm. Pool Blok will Not Upset The PH Balance Of Pool Water. Works better than your current pool tile and grout cleaner, and it’s also easier to use. The block conforms to the shape of your tile and grout, providing better coverage than a regular grout cleaner. PoolStone Blocks may be used on Gunite, plaster, tile, grout and concrete of in-ground pools and spas. PoolStone is an excellent tile and grout cleaner. Not recommended for use on overglazed tile decorations, vinyl, acrylic fiberglass, wood or polished metal surfaces, above ground pools or plastic liners. Pool Blok Pumice stones will restore and revive your pool tiles. Porcelain is harder than pumice and so you can use a pumice stone or stick on any porcelain surface - but not on fiberglass or other scratch able surfaces. Works great on toilets, bathtubs and sinks. These sticks are easily are shaped to fit hard to reach areas. Try the smaller size for small tight places, the medium size for tougher jobs and the Large size for cleaning areas like pool and spa tiles from mineral deposits.

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches


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