NC Brands Spa Bromine Tabs, 1.54lbs | Formerly SeaKlear Spa Bromine Tabs - LOWEST PRICING

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NC Brands Spa Bromine Tabs, 1.54lbsÊ | Formerly SeaKlear Spa Bromine Tabs - LOWEST PRICING
Effective, Eco-Friendly, and all American.
SeaKlear proudly produces all of itÕs products in the United States of America.

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In May, Natural Chemistry purchased the SeaKlear division of HaloSource, Inc. Natural Chemistry then rebranded as NC Brands, with its Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear and Red Leopard branded products all falling under the new name.Ê

SeaKlear Spa Bromine Tabs 1.5 lbs
SeaKlear Spa Brominating Tablets are an effective and popular means of disinfecting spa and hot tub water.


Disinfects spa and hot tub water
Keeps water safe and clean
Use with SeaKlear Spa Chlorine-Free Shock and Natural Clarifier for clear, worry-free water
Simple and easy to use
Made in the United States


SeaKlear offers a full line of easy to use hot tub products. So that you can relax and enjoy your hot tub.

ÊBromine! It remains effective in a wider range of pH levels (7.0 - 8.4) than chlorine (7.4 - 7.8), and therefore, it can better protect your water from bacteria and viruses. Also, bromine in itself is a strong sanitizer. At a high pH level of 7.8, only about 25% of chlorine is active, but bromine remains efficient. And its byproducts, bromamines (a combined substance), produce their own sanitizing action, making bromine an even more powerful bacteria and virus killer. Add to that, that bromine already in your water can be reactivated using potassium monopersulfate after it has killed the bacteria. Reactivated bromine means less chemical use and bigger cost savings for you in the long run.


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