Leslie's Perfect Weekly 3L Triple Action Phosphate Remover 15300LSL

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Brand: Leslie's

Color: Clear


  • Cleans water
  • Removes phosphates
  • Conserves water & energy
  • noPHOS traps phosphates in the pool filter which are eliminated from the water after a filter clean or backwash
  • SMARTzyme broad spectrum formula breaks down oils and non-living organic contaminants reducing water sanitizer demand

Details: Nobody wants to spend more on pool maintenance than they have to. That's why there's Leslie's Perfect Weekly! A Leslie's exclusive, this 3-in-1 pool care product helps keep your water clean and clear, saving you time and money. Leslie's Perfect Weekly is the only triple action pool maintenance product that removes phosphates, breaks down oils, non-living organics, and reduces water loss. Leslie's Perfect Weekly is so easy to include in your regular pool maintenance routine. Simply add one capful per 8,000 gallons of water per week to your pool skimmer while the pool's circulation pump is running. That's all it takes to start enjoying the benefits that Perfect Weekly provides for you and your pool water. Leslie's Perfect Weekly is made of three key components all produced by Natural Chemistry, the leader in specialty water care products. noPHOS Phosphate Remover Helps The first component is noPHOS phosphate remover. It contains lanthanum which traps phosphates in the pool filter. Once the filter is cleaned, or backwashed depending on the filter type, the phosphates are eliminated from the pool water. Potential phosphate sources can include tap water, leaves, pollen, fertilizers, and pet dander. Keeping low levels of phosphates in the water, along with proper sanitization, water balance, and circulation/filtration, are the best way at preventing pool unwanted blooms. SMARTzyme Broad Spectrum Enzyme Formula Cleans Water The second component is SMARTzyme, a special enzyme formula that breaks down oils and non-living organic contaminants in the water. These types of oils and non-living organics can be introduced into the water frequently from suntan lotions, body oils, sweat, cosmetics, soaps, and other non-living organic waste. Too much of an organic load in the pool water uses up the sanitizer more rapidly, most commonly chlorine. This creates more of a struggle to keep sanitizer levels where they should be. When enzymes are used regularly, it breaks organics down

EAN: 0803354131440

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 6.9 x 4.4 inches

Part Number: 15300LSL

model number: 15300LSL


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