Leisure Time Spa Minerals Purifier Cartridge Stick


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Leisure Time Spa Minerals Creates softer, cleaner spa water. Each unit contains minerals known to control bacteria. Can be used with chlorine or bromine and is ideal for use with nonchlorine shock oxidizers. When used with a minimal amount of sanitizer, Spa Minerals will provide clear water for up to four months!Leisure Time Spas & Hot tubs...Simple Spa Care. Features: Destroys bacteria for improved clarity Helps to maintain a neutral pH Reduces bromine or chlorine use for softer water Up to 50%* reduction in bromine or chlorine use Compatible With: Chlorine or bromine Advantages: For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care. The brand Leisure Time, continues to earn its position as the leader in spa water care. They have continuously improved their product line, program, and packaging so that it elegantly wraps up years of innovation. Tips: Spa Minerals must be replaced every 4 months or when draining and refilling spa. Instructions: Regular Spa Care: Ensure all spa equipment is working properly. Run filtration system a minimum of three hours per day. Regularly test water for pH, total alkalinity and bromine or chlorine levels. Maintain at least a 1.0 ppm bromine or chlorine level at all times. Shock the spa once a week or as needed. Additional shocking may be required if the spa is under heavy use. This is often the case when the spa is new. Spa Minerals must be replaced every 4 months. Ingredients: Silver Chloride: 0.5%, Other Ingredients: 99.5%


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