Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Cover w/Foam Headrest (2 Pack) & Removable Seat (2 Pack)

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Brand: Intex

Color: Multi


  • Includes Intex PureSpa hot tub cover, 2 headrests, and 2 removable seats
  • Cover works with round, 4-person Intex Bubble Massage models
  • Keeps your hot tub toasty-warm in between uses, saving energy and saving you money
  • Up to 50% more energy efficient than your standard cover
  • Average annual energy savings totals in at 288 dollars

Details: Save energy while maintaining your PureSpa's warm temperature with the Intex Energy Efficient PureSpa Spa Cover. Also included are 2 headrests and 2 removable non-slip seats. This hot tub cover by Intex is compatible with any of their round, 4-person Bubble Massage models. The cover not only keeps out dirt and debris, but also saves energy by keeping the heat inside the tub when not in use. You'll save 50% more energy, which will save you an average of 288 dollars per year. This PureSpa is easy to throw on your backyard oasis after a nice long soak, so you won't have to worry about working up a sweat. Keep your hot tub hot and save energy with the Intex Energy Efficient PureSpa Spa Cover. Step into that warm water, lean your head back, and prepare for the ultimate relaxation experience. With the Intex 28505E PureSpa Foam Headrest, you will upgrade your already great spa experience. Crafted out of soft, polyurethane foam, this headrest is a must-have accessory for any inflatable spa or hot tub. This headrest properly cradles your head and neck, eliminating unnecessary strain or discomfort. Simply place the headrest atop your desired location, lean back, and feel transformed to an ultimate state of relaxation. Make your spa or hot tub experience even better with this headrest accessory from Intex. The Intex PureSpa Seat is the perfect accessory for your PureSpa inflatable hot tub. The slip-resistant PureSpa seat allows you to sit comfortably in the spa and gives you added height with 2 different height options 3 and 5.8 inches. Having those different options means that the seat can better work for you. This spa seat is also made with the same color scheme as your inflatable PureSpa hot tub, so it won't stick out as an eye-sore in the water. It also has a laminated finish to protect against wear and tear. To help fit in the spa, this seat features a contoured shape. The seat is removable for your convenience and fits all PureSpa models. Relax in your

Package Dimensions: 36.5 x 20.2 x 12.8 inches


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