Inflatable Swimming Pool for Adults-Top Ring Inflation Round Thicken Swimming and Paddling Pool Easy Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool Family Swimming Pool,5. 49x1.22m

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Brand: GHZ


  • ❤【Top ring inflatable swimming pool】-Three-layer composite polyester fiber mesh, first layer: environmentally friendly PVC tape/second layer: 600D polyester fiber mesh/third layer: strong PVC tape around the edge/3D polymer fiber material, 1cm has 60 supports Point, the fabric density is N+ times that of ordinary, provides comfortable support, evenly disperses body pressure
  • ❤【Automatic suspension ,Exempt Installation】-As long as the GHZ swimming pool is inflated on the upper circle, there is no need to inflate the water below, and it is supported by buoyancy.Anti-pushing octagonal swimming pool design, ergonomic design, no bracket required, fast and stable installation
  • ❤【Filter pump can be installed】-Function of filter pump: Promote water circulation and filter impurities in water. Usually the water needs to be changed every 7 days. After the filter pump is installed, it can be extended to about 15 days (the specific days will vary according to the local environment and water quality, and are for reference only)
  • ❤【Dedicated Escalator】-Escalator iron pipe support \ anti-skid support feet \ stable without shaking,457CM (inclusive) and above size Swimming pool with standard escalator
  • ❤【Do you have any guarantee about quality?】-Yes we have QC department to check each production step and control quality 100% products pass,24-hour air test before ship,ment We can refund defect product if up to grade.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Top ring inflatable swimming pool size reference: ①Size: 1. 83mx0.51m/Pool capacity (80%): 800L/pool weight: 3. 3kg/pool accessories: none/capacity 1-3 people ②Size: 2. 44mx0.76m/pool capacity (80%): 2419L/pool weight: 6. Okg/pool accessories: none/capacity 1-5 people ③Size: 3. 05mx0.76m/pool capacity (80%): 3853L/pool weight: 8. 5kg/pool accessories: none/capacity 1-7 people ④Size: 3. 66x0.76m/pool capacity (80%): 5621L/pool weight: 12. 1kg/pool accessories: none/capacity 1-10 people ⑤Size: 3. 96x0.84m/pool capacity (80%): 7290L/pool weight: 17. 8kg/pool accessories: filter pump/capacity 1-11 people ⑥Size: 4. 57x0.84m/pool capacity (80%): 9792L/pool weight: 22. 5kg/pool accessories: filter pump/capacity 1-15 people ⑦Size: 4. 57x1.07m/pool capacity (80%): 12430L/pool weight: 43.4kg/pool accessories: filter pump escalator/capacity 1-15 people ⑧Size: 4. 57x1.22m/pool capacity (80%): 14141L/pool weight: 46.9kg/pool accessories: filter pump escalator/capacity 1-15 people ⑨Size: 5. 49x1.22m/pool capacity (80%): 20647L/pool weight: 65. 0kg/pool accessories: filter pump escalator/capacity 1-20 people Vigilant Back to furnace PVC powder hurts the baby: In order to save costs, some businesses will use recycled powder waste plastics as raw materials. It is easy to produce harmful substances and cause irreversible damage to the baby. Not all environmentally friendly PVCs represent safety We use American environmentally friendly PVC particles, which do not contain harmful substances.we Like control milk powder same,control Suppliers of raw materials.

EAN: 8432435357183


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