Frog Filter Mate - Formerly Filter Frog - Lowest Pricing Guaranteed

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NEW Spa Frog Filter Mate by King Technology
Formerly Filter Frog¨ & SPA FROG Mineral Spa Care - Lowest Pricing Guaranteed
This stick-like product conveniently fits inside your spaÕs filter cartridge, providing FROG mineral protection for spas up to 600 gallons. Supplement with a low level of chlorine or bromine and spa care is complete with soft water and a crystal clear shine.
This FILTER FROG¨ - formerly SPA FROG Mineral Spa Care also lasts 4 months, with an easy reminder dial to help you remember when to replace it.

How It WorksFilter FROG simply fits into the center of a spa filter cartridge. It is a one piece design that can be shortened if necessary. The water moves in and out of the louvered design, dispensing a low level of minerals into the spa. Simply supplement with 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine.


Immediately effective
One piece design
Works with bromine or chlorine
Easy to use - fits into most spa filter cartridges
Lasts 4 months or whenever you drain and refill the spa

Compatible With:
Bromine or chlorine

FROG minerals are active immediately. With FROG minerals, you can reduce bromine or chlorine use up to 50% for softer water thatÕs crystal clear.

If Filter FROG doesnÕt fit in your filter cartridge, you may set it in the filter well or skimmer tray. If it is too long, you can cut off part of the length at the notches.




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