E-z Pool 5# Bucket

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Brand: E-z Pool


  • E-Z Pool 5lb Bucket
  • Never worry about algae problems ever again!
  • Simplify your pool maintenance process
  • Add just once a week
  • Keeps water clean!

Details: E-Z POOL GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION E-Z POOL is a multi-action product that combines simplicity and incredible water qualityin a once-a-week application. This specially blended formula manages swimming pool water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day. E-Z POOL contains an algae shield, stable oxidizer, clarifier, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancing agents all blended in one convenient granular formula. The once-a-week application provides water clarity, balance stability and inhibits hardness scaling while reducing overall chlorine demand. E-Z POOL’s concentrated formula creates a PROACTIVE water care program thatPREVENTS problems instead of treating them on a REACTIVE basis after they occur. E-Z POOL is compatible with chlorine generators (salt pools), ozone as well as traditional sanitizers and balancers. It also comes with a NO ALGAE GUARANTEE and is UV and heat resistant. E-Z POOL Startup takes just 3 E-Z Steps: STEP 1 — REVIVE! Take a water sample to your Authorized Dealer for testing. Treat pool water with REVIVE! (32 oz. up to 24,000 gallons) to remove phosphates, metals, debris and to activate the No Algae Guarantee. NOTE: If algae is present, brush from walls then shock with chlorine. Wait 24 hours, then proceed. STEP 2 — Vacuum, Clean Filter & Balance Once debris completely settles (typically 24 hours), vacuum pool bottom, thoroughly clean pool filter, then balance pool water as follows: STEP 3 — E-Z DAY Add E-Z POOL to pool water according to dosage chart, preferably near a return jet, and add sanitizer in accordance with product directions to skimmer, feeder or floater to maintain desired level. NOTE: For chlorine generators (salt), add stabilizer to maintain 30-55 ppm based on manufacturer's recommendation and adjust generator setting accordingly. Weekly: REPEAT E-Z Pool...Just once-a-week!

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches


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