E-Z Patch 4 White Pool Tile Grout for DIY & Pro Repairs - Color Adjustable Grout Refresh (3 lb)

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Brand: E-Z Patch

Color: Black


  • Easy to Prepare Grout Repair - Just mix bonder, dry cement, & water to start with your DIY repair!
  • Long-Lasting Tile Grout Repair - Provide a one-time replacement for old grouts with E-Z Patch 4.
  • Color-Adjustable - Just add a concrete pigment to the white grout kit & be stunned with the result!
  • Covers up to 10 Sq. Ft. - Use a grout refresh kit that’s more than enough for your DIY repair needs!
  • Low-Odor Pool Tile Grout - Choose shower grout & pool grout that’s safe for indoor & outdoor use.

Details: Do you want to restore your pool tiles’ appearance? Looking for durable fillers to repair old & dirty grouts? Introducing E-Z Patch 4 White Pool Tile Grout Kit, a heavy-duty yet low-odor tile grout restorer made for DIY & pro repairs alike. With E-Z Patch 4, you can have an epoxy bond waterproof grout that's easy to use and apply! Just combine 1/4 liquid bonder and 1/4 dry cement, add water to the mixture, and stir until you get the consistency of mashed potatoes. After that, you can now fill the area to be grouted. Are you worried that the repaired tile will stand out due to its different color, thus providing a non-consistent look to your indoor pool? Fortunately, E-Z Patch offers a color-adjustable grout refresh kit! Hence, you only need to add the right amount of cement dye to achieve your preferred color. Not only does E-Z Patch 4 work on swimming pools, it also acts as a bathroom grout repair that can provide an immediate & long-lasting solution to walls & floors’ old & nasty grout. Use this cement mixture for a crack & shrink resistant grout restorer! With a minimum of 10 sq. ft. coverage, there’s more than enough mixture to bring back your swimming pool’s stunning design! Do you need a white grout cement for bigger projects? Worry not; E-Z Patch 4 is available in other sizes to fix every crack in your swimming pool, bathroom, & shower room. E-Z Patch 4 White Pool Tile Grout: Waterproof & color-adjustable repairs that last

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.2 x 4.8 inches


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