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Dimension One Vision is an excellent alternative to conventional sanitizers
and offers clean, clear water without the harsh chemical smell, red eyes,
bleached clothing and dry skin. Its silver catalyst technology kills 99.96% of
pathogenic bacteria on contact. Vision is easy to install and lasts a full six
months. It now features a convenient "Installed/Replace" Reminder Ring.

The Vision Cartridge System:

The Vision Cartridge is manufactured by Dimension One Spas, Inc. The new
Universal cartridge replaces the following products: from Dimension Pure Vision
cartridge, Ultra Vision Cartridge, Crystal Vision System-Complete, Crystal
Vision Cartridge, Crystal Vision Basket and Crystal Vision Lid.

What is a Vision Cartridge?

Vision is an alternative sanitizing system that is used with your spas water
management system. The advantage of Vision over conventional sanitizers such as
Bromine and Chlorine is that it will provide softer-feeling water as a result of
lower overall chemical use. Also, fewer chemicals results in lower total
dissolved solids (TDS) which means less spa maintenance.

How a Vision Cartridge Operates:

The Vision Sanitizing System has no moving parts and requires no electrical
connections. It contains a powerful, Silver Nitrate catalyst bed with a large
surface area. Water circulates through the Vision Sanitizing Cartridge, through
the filter, through the heater and finally returned to the spa. When used with a
a Water Management Systems and a Chlorine base, Vision provides a soft, residual
bactericide that compliments the oxidizing power of ozone and the sanitizing
power of Chlorine. Refer to your spa's owners manual for proper guidance on pH,
Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness levels. These levels must be properly
maintained for adequate spa water balance.

Used in Spas of all types

Even thought the Vision Cartridge is manufactured by Dimension One Spas, it
will fit in most other spas as well. This vision cartridge should fit in your
filter area or skimmer basket with a minimum of 5 inches of space. This Vision
Cartridge lasts 6 months versus the the 4 months Nature2 Spa Purifiers, and Spa
Frog S Purifiers.
Vision can be installed on Dimension One Spas with the following Ozone equipped Water Management Systems:

Crystal Pure (Models 1989 - 1996)
Crystal Zone (Models 1992 - Current Year)
Clear Zone (Models 1998 to Current Year)
UltraPure (Models 1996 to Current Year)


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