Brilliance For Spas Oxidizing Tablets with Mineral Salts - 1.75 lb

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Brilliance Oxidizing Tablets are a non-chlorine shock oxidizer. They help reduce odors caused by organic contaminants, resulting in fresh, clear water. The tablets are convenient and easy-to-use. They dissolve quickly in spa water and break down residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils, and organic materials. This product is compatible with chlorine or bromine sanitized spas.

Product Features:

Quick dissolving non-chlorine shock oxidizer tablets
Disintegrates residual soaps, organic materials, deodorants, and natural oils
Rids spas of odors by eliminating organic contaminants


Turn the filtration system on.
Add 3 tablets for every 250 gallons of water.
Run the system for 15 minutes with the cover off.


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