A.O Smith SQ1072 3/4 HP, 48Y, 115/230V Max-E-Glas PE5DL Motor

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Brand: AO Smith


  • SQ1072

Details: SQ1072 Square flange pool filter motor Max-E-Glas PE5DL 3/4 hp, 3450RPM 3/4hp, 3450RPM (C48k2ec15) 48Y Frame 230/115 Volts 60hz. 7.4/14.8amps Service Factor 1.65 (service factor x H.P. = total output) CCW rotation pump end, stainless steel shaft, threaded, ball bearing. The swimming pool motors have a square mounting face for the pump attachment, with 4 non-threaded bolt holes to attach the pump. Motor has a threaded shaft. This type is common to most Sta-Rite, PacFab, Purex/Trition and WhisperFlo, Challenger inground pool pumps. Single phase and three phase motors. (56Y motor body diameter is 1/2" larger than 48Y) Cross References: C48B02B67 C48K2B12 C48K2B16 C48K2E100 C48K2E11 C48K2E11A2 C48K2E12 C48K2EA100 C48K2EA11 C48K2EA11A1 C48K2EA11A3 C48K2EA12 C48K2EB101 C48K2EB102A1 C48K2EB102A2 C48K2EB11 C48K2EB11A3 C48K2EB11P2 C48K2EB12 C48K2EC11 C48K2EC11A4 C48K2EC11C3 C48K2EC15 C48K2ED11 C48K2EM104 C48K2P100 C48K2P102 C48K2PA104A2 C48K2PA105 C48K2PA105A6 C48K2PM100 C48K2PN100 C48K2PU101 C56K2B21 MTR265 165903 168452 B623 B847 B881 7703 EB847 EZ148 SQD75FL1 12196 15815 82196 C1170 C1305 M56630 93630 C48K2PA104A


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