FROG Jump Start - Single Packet 2 oz.

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FROG Jump Start - Single Packet

Effective spa start-up in an easy to pour packet, with a unique effervescent feature. Its bubbling action properly sets the initial chlorine level on spas up to 500 gallons and helps extend the life of your bromine cartridges.

How It Works
Made specifically for starting-up a freshly filled spa, FROG Jump Start is a one-dose-fits-all shock product that dissolves quickly - thanks to its effervescence. It creates a start-up level of sanitizer that can be used to help find the right setting for the bromine cartridge.


  • Just Start perfectly accompanies the SPA FROG® In-Line System.
  • The effervescent action helps the chlorine dissolve faster.
  • The fizz tells you it’s working!
  • One packet works in spas up to 500 gallons.
  • Apply every four months.


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