XtremepowerUS 75036 Pool Cleaner W/ 33FT Hose

This powerful and energy-efficient automatic inground pool cleaner is a great choice if you are looking for a way to save money. It can collect debris and keep the pool looking its best.

This cleaner features an eco-friendly design that will collect the harmful bacteria from your environment. It's also low-cost to use.

It is equipped with a multi-purpose filter that can remove various types of debris such as algae, dust, and leaves. It is also capable of cleaning up algae and other pollutants.



  • It can easily manage to explore a pool with 33ft hose attachment
  • It is designed in the view of eco-friendly and for that, it can deliver high
  • It deliberately brings out debris through the filtration process regardless of any surface
  • Soft and Thickened pleated seal that provides more gentle and thoroughly clean for your pool
  • It comes with great energy-saving navigation as it never travels back to the same explored spots


XtremepowerUS 75036 Pool Cleaner

  • The devices are designed to automatically navigate around the water and keep your pool clean. This energy-efficient feature saves you time and helps keep your pool fresh.
  • Eco-Friendly Design- Eco-Friendly Design High efficiency and low maintenance
  • The soft and thickened base plate of this pool cleaner effectively cleans and gently cleans any swimming pool. It's designed to automatically clean the pool's bottom and top surfaces.
  • A pool cleaner can remove algae, leaves, and other particles that can build up around your pool.
  • This product is an existing filtration system that's designed to reduce or remove water from the system. It works like a drain.


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