Winter Pool Maintenance

Most pool owners in warmer climates keep their pool service running throughout the winter season. Others choose to keep it going every other week. The decision about whether to change your pool's schedule can be made depending on the amount of debris that can accumulate in the pool during the colder months.


If you're new to swimming and have never performed winter pool maintenance, these guidelines will help.

  • pH levels should be the same or similar to those during the summer to prevent algae growth. Treating and adjusting as needed.
  • Dust and debris can affect the pH levels in your pool. Having a clean pool is important to maintain its health.
  • When temperatures drop below freezing, your pool equipment will freeze. Fortunately, a freeze guard or a freeze switch can prevent this from happening.
  • Having a pool heater checked is also a precautionary maintenance task that can be performed before a big freeze hits. It's important to make sure that the unit is working properly.


If you follow these few tips, your pool will be ready when temperatures go up and you want to enjoy a swim more frequently.



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