Why You Should Close Your Pool

Should I close my pool for winter or stay open?

Although it's possible to enjoy the pool during winter, it's also possible to close it permanently. There are also various benefits and drawbacks to this decision.

Winter is here and it’s time to think about what to do with your pool. We’re going to break down the pros and cons of keeping your pool open this season.


Leave it Open

Your home's physical location is also a factor that you should consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep your swimming pool open during the winter.


Freezing Pool Lines

One of the most common reasons a pool owner will close their facility is to protect their equipment from the freezing temperatures. Aside from keeping their pool equipment protected, this also helps prevent them from experiencing any damage.

A pool timer is also recommended to protect your pool equipment from freezing damage. This device will turn on once the outdoor temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature is especially useful in areas where the freezing temperatures can cause issues with electrical components.



Another responsibility pool owners have is maintaining their pool equipment. Doing so helps keep it running smoothly during the winter months.

It’s common for pool owners to believe that they save money by not using chemicals during the winter season. However, in most cases, they only use fewer chemicals than they do during the summer season.

The cooler temperatures help retain the chlorine in your water. This means that you are not wasting as much chlorine as before.


Prepare for Power Failure

  • Immediately loosen all of the drain plugs on your pump, heater, and filter drain plugs.
  • Turn OFF your breaker. (This protects your pump should the power return on.)
  • Close pool lines valves
  • Open the filter air bleeder


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