Why is My Spa Water Cloudy? – 10 Reasons

There are a lot of myths about spa water. One of these is that mineral deposits in the water will make it cloudy.

There are also a lot of misleading information out there about spa water. It's not uncommon for people to confuse the difference between clear and cloudy water.

While the right chemicals can help you get rid of the issue, diagnosing and resolving the issue first are often the most important steps to take when it comes to resolving spa and hot tub water problems.



1. High Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity or pH

Your spa's chemical balance may be causing its water to get clouded with calcium. If this issue appears, try taking a reading of your calcium hardness, pH, and alkalinity levels.

If your total alkalinity test shows high levels of over 150 ppm, excess carbonates can enter the solution and make the spa cloudy. To control your pH, lower it to around 100 ppm.

Total dissolved solids are not usually a concern in hot tubs and spas. However, if you haven't drained them for a long time, you could be in danger of having a high level of dissolved solids.


2. Low Spa Sanitizer Levels

Some people are sensitive to chlorine or bromine, and they may try to minimize the use of these chemicals. However, it is possible to use other sanitizers and still have a balanced water chemistry.

When used with chlorine, use a level of 3 to 5 ppm. Otherwise, use bromine or a combination of bromine and chlorine. At this level, the water will start to smell like rotten eggs and can cause organic contaminants to grow.

A proper level should kill the particles that cause cloudy water. To increase the effectiveness of your sanitizer, shock the water several times to remove any impurities.


3. Cloudy Fill Water

Even though it's possible to get rid of suspended particles in your spa water, proper filtration is still necessary to maintain its proper balance. A spa clarifier can help remove these components while a pre-filter helps remove the residue.


4. Air in the System

Air bubbles or small particles of air can make the water in your spa look cloudy. If the bubbles are coming from the machine's suction side, turn off the air blower. Also, make sure the pump's drain plug is loose.

The low water level can also cause air to enter the spa, which can create the appearance of cloudy or hazy water. This can be fixed by inspecting the equipment and pipes.


5. Spa Filter Problems

Sometimes, the wrong location of the spa filter cartridge can cause water to go through the filter material. This issue can also cause cloudy spa water.

The cartridge life of a spa filter is limited by the amount of time it's used. Instead of wasting it, replace it every 15 to 24 months. This will improve the water clarity of the spa.

Also, oils and minerals can reduce the filtration capabilities of spa filter cartridges. They can also cause streaks on the cartridge and can make it difficult to remove.

If your spa has a DE filter grid, make sure it has a hole to prevent the filter powder from entering the spa.


6. Spa Pump Problems

The second issue that can cause spa water to be cloudy is the amount of time that the pump is running each day. This can increase the likelihood that the filter will fail.

The main issue could be that the impeller is not working properly. It could be full of pebbles, leaves, or hair. This could cause the flow rate to go down significantly.

If the flow from the spa pump is not flowing, there's a chance that the air lock could be a problem. Shut off the pump and loosen the union on the pump, allowing air to escape.

Air leaks before the pump can reduce the efficiency of your water pump. They can also cause your water level to drop below the filter.


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