What To Do If Your Pool Get Damage During The Winter

Even with the proper closing steps, staying in touch with the experts can help prevent pool damage during the cold winter season. Having the proper equipment and procedures can help keep your pool running smoothly. If you notice that your pool has suffered damage this winter, contact a skilled pool repair specialist.


Since the water freezes inside the pool, it can cause the vinyl liner to tear. This issue can lead to a pool leak. When the water level goes down, the weight of snow will pull the pool cover into the pool. This issue can also cause the liner to sink, which can damage the hardware and pool walls. You may need to wait until the winter is over to have this repair done. Ideally, keep at least 2 gallons of water in your pool. This will protect the bottom of the pool and prevent further damage from the winter season.


When water gets too cold, it can freeze and crack the pool pipes. This can cause expensive repairs and can take away from your enjoyment of swimming. Winterize your pool pipes before the cold season begins. Having a professional pool closing service will help you protect them from the freezing conditions.

When it’s time to close your pool, make sure to check its liner for any damage. It’s also important to maintain a balanced pH level to prevent further damage.

When you discover a leak or other damage to your pool, call for immediate repairs. Follow these steps to prevent the issue from getting worse.


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