What to choose? Hard or Soft Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub is a great addition to any home, especially for people who are prone to crazy activities. Aside from being used for relaxing, hot tub covers can also help keep the body warm.

A hot tub cover is a vital component of a hot tub. Its main purpose is to keep the pool free from debris and keep the temperature of the spa at a consistent level. It also serves as a safety feature for children.

There are two kinds of covers, the hard and soft. The former has weaknesses and strengths, while the latter is more flexible and can be used easily.

When it comes to buying a hot tub cover, there are many factors to consider before buying one. However, what exactly should you choose?



There are two types of soft hot tub covers, which are tonneau cover and floating cover.

- Tonneau’s hot tub cover doesn’t feature rigid foam on its body. Instead, it’s made of vinyl covering. This material is more durable and is easier to transport.

- Floating cover is mainly used for the tub's water surface. It provides additional heat insulation to the cover and helps in preventing the spread of heat. This type of cover is also known as an air barrier.



This type of cover is made from fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, or molded plastic and provides better heat retention than the soft cover. Although it's more expensive, it's also more durable.

Aside from being used for bathing, the cover is also an essential component of a hot tub. There are two kinds of covers namely the soft and the hard ones. The latter are usually used for indoor hot tubs.

Floating hot tub covers are also an energy-efficient feature to reduce heat loss. They can also be easily installed on top of the tub to provide a more even and sleek appearance.


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