What Should You Know when Buying an Inflatable Pool

A cheap and easy-to-maintain inflatable swimming pool is a great alternative to a traditional in-ground pool. It can be set up anywhere, and it's the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Aside from being fun, an inflatable pool can also be used in any backyard. It comes in a variety of sizes, and it can also feature various features, such as shade structures and toys.

When it comes to choosing an outdoor swimming pool, look for one that's made from non-toxic materials that can endure multiple seasons. Although inflatable pools are commonly used for small children, the same time some brands make giant pools that can fit an entire family. These pools are deep enough to swim in, which is ideal for families.

What Should You Know when Buying Buying an Inflatable Pool?

Easy to Set Up

A backyard pool can become the center of a summer getaway, and some types of inflatable pools are as large as an average aboveground pool. Take a look at this 18-foot Intex swimming pool. It comes with a 1,500 GPH filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover.

An air pump is a life-saving feature that can be installed seamlessly in most types of inflatable pools. Although some models don't come with this feature, it's relatively easy to find and install.


Intex is the Best

If you're looking for a baby pool or kiddie pool, you don't have to be overly picky when it comes to which brand to choose. If you're looking for a big, full-blown pool, Intex's Easy Set line is the ideal choice. Intex swimming pools are made from durable materials and come with clear instructions. They can provide you with up to five years of enjoyment.

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Read the Reviews

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake Intex pool models on Amazon and other online stores. These are usually misleading about the size and features of their pools. Also, they use the same photos, but they don't always come with the same features.

Some fake models also don't come with a water filter system. They might also have smaller circuits that can short out after a couple of days. If you're looking for a Intex pool, make sure that you buy a brand new one. This will give you the best possible experience and avoid the risk of getting ripped off.


Supply and Demand

If you're looking for an affordable pool, then buying one early in the year is a great idea. However, once the demand increases during the summer season, the price goes up.

Planning on having a big blow-up pool for your kids? Then it's important that you buy as early as possible.


Outdoor Space

The size of the pool also matters when it comes to how level your backyard outdoor space is. Having a small pool will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even if the ground is not level.

A giant Intex pool might have a few inches difference that can affect how much water it can hold. Also, the plastic walls of this type might not hold up to water pressure.

Before you buy a big pool, make sure that the area is level with the ground. You can also check the grade of the yard by planting stakes and tying a rope between the stakes. A carpenter's level can also be used to make the area more level. You can also adjust the surface of the pool by adding soil or by choosing a different area.


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