What Is The Best Weekly Chlorine Dose Usage For The Swimming Pool?

If the chlorine value is too low, then use chlorine tablets. They can keep the chlorine value constant and are better than chlorine granules.

The exact amount of chlorine tablets that should be added to a swimming pool is not always known. Also, the volume of water in the pool does not always determine the number of tablets that should be added. A lot of other things also play a role, such as:

  • The number of hours of sunshine and the UV value. The reason being that the chlorine value is degraded by the UV rays of the sun.
  • Leaves and insects in the swimming pool. Leaves, insects and other dirt cause the active chlorine to become exhausted
  • The number of hours swum per day. The more swimming there is, the quicker the chlorine degrades

If the water quality is good enough, check it at least once a week. It’s important to maintain the water quality in the pool if it’s used more than 2 days a week.

If the pH level is good, then check to see if the chlorine tablet has fully dissolved. It is best to add 1 tablet per skimmer.


Chlorine tablet does not dissolve

Sometimes, the tablet does not dissolve. This can be caused by various factors. The first thing to check is the filter's operation.

The cold weather can also cause chlorine tablets to not dissolve. If the water temperature is under 15 degrees Celsius, it can stop dissolving completely.


Chlorine in the swimming pool is too much

If you add too much chlorine to the pool, the chlorine will drop out through the UV rays of the sun.

The excessive chlorine value will gradually drop after 24 hours. To prevent this, keep an eye out for it on a daily basis by adding a chlorine tablet.


Too low chlorine in the swimming pool

If the chlorine level has reached is still below 1 ppm, you can always perform shock treatment to get it back to its proper level.


How much liquid chlorine in the swimming pool

Some people use liquid chlorine to maintain their swimming pool. Others prefer to use an automatic dosing unit. This method adds chlorine to the pool at a steady level.

If your chlorine dispenser doesn't have an automatic feature, then you have to manually add liquid chlorine into it. Doing this will make it difficult to measure.

Never add more than half a litre of water per 50,000 litres. This will not affect the quality of the water and could cause damage to your system.


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