What is the Best Pool Winter Cover?- Top 10 Best

 As the weather cools, and the backyard pool starts getting frequented much less and you’ll want to say goodbye to pool days. It becomes difficult to keep your pool crystal clear in winter. Moreover, wind, air, snow, and extreme weather conditions can make the task even more challenging. Therefore, for maintenance your pool in such conditions, you need the right equipment.

Taking the simple step of properly covering your pool during the winter months means you will have less maintenance (both in effort and cost) when the weather warms back up.

A winter pool cover is the best way to prevent leaves, dirt, debris, kids, pets and even UV rays from getting into the pool during the off-season. Here are our top winter pool covers for choosing the right one for your pool:


1. Blue Wave Bronze Round Winter Pool Cover

Regarding all of the worst weather risks in winter, including snow, wind, and ice, this Blue Wave pool cover provides a high safety level for 28-foot above ground pools. It is manufactured from premium polyethylene equipped with a rugged scrim & coating.

A significant overlap of 4 feet is the ideal measurement for the winter cover to enable proper fit while minimizing ripping/stretching in the long run, unlike 3-foot ones. This whole cover has been built to endure intense sunlight, so it is expected to last for quite long.

You needn’t worry much about algae anymore because it includes an underside that reduces their growth. The seam lines of this cover’s underside are fully sealed with heat. There are a heavy-duty cable and winch tightener in the package for assembly.


- It secures pools from all winter issues.

- Its polyethylene scrim is truly rugged.

- Its significant overlap can prevent stretching.

- It has undersides to limit algae growth.

- It comes with a cable and a tightener.


2. Robelle 3512-4 Super Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

Another great cover for above-ground pools is the Robelle 3512-4. The manufacturer of this product is famous for its wide range of high-quality pool covers. The cover can withstand any kind of pressure and damage. Other than this, it also protects from UV rays and includes a 4-foot overlap, making it easier to secure. This product, made from polyethylene material, is quite reliable for winter use. Moreover, the product is easy to install as it includes a winch tightener and cables to keep the pool cover secured.


- High Quality 8 x 8 scrim

- Heavy-duty polyethylene weighs 2.36 oz./yd2

- 4 foot foot overlap (Includes 4 feet of extra material, making this cover easier to secure)

- Includes winch and cable, which should be used to secure the cover through the reinforced grommets

- 8 year warranty


3. Blue Wave In Ground Pool Safety Cover

This rectangular safety pool cover made of heavy-duty, two-ply mesh that has a break strength of more than 4,000 pounds. One reviewer commented it's "WELL worth the peace of mind with pets and kids in the backyard." Though it has a "high scrim" per the manufacturer, the exact number is not specified. The fine mesh lets rain through the cover, so it won't weigh things down, but keeps dirt and debris out. And, the whole thing is lightweight enough to take off your pool in about five minutes.

This highly rated pick comes with all the hardware needed to install it on concrete decking, including brass anchors, stainless steel springs, and buckles, as well as a storage bag. It's built to last: stainless steel hardware resists rust; multi-seam stitching resists tears; reinforced wear strips underneath protect against fraying. Even though this is considered a mesh cover, its ability to block dirt and debris while allowing water in gives it the properties of a hybrid cover.


4 ft. x 8 ft. additional center end step section

- Drill and Tamp style brass anchoring system permanently secures anchors in concrete

- Multi-seamed stitching ensures safety and prevents wear and tear

- High scrim mesh panel design lets water though but protects pool against dirt and debris

- Reinforced wear strips on underside of cover to guard against cover abrasion and fraying


4. Pool Mate Heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Cover

Pool Mate is one of the well-known players in the backyard pool market, and their Heavy Duty In-Ground Cover is a budget-friendly option.

Available in a dozen sizes, from 12×24-ft to 30×50-ft, the heavy-duty polyethylene cover overlaps the surface of the water and is heat-sealed to prevent leakage and algae growth in the pool.

One complaint that users frequently had was that the Pool Mate covers didn’t tend to last more than a couple of seasons.


- Winter pool cover to be used with in-ground swimming pools - Solid material will not let water pass through

- Pool Size: 20 x 40 Foot Rectangle - Cover Size: 25 x 45 Feet (includes overlap in total)

- Heavy-duty polyethylene material - All seams are heat sealed for better performance

- 5 foot overlap (Includes 5 feet of extra material beyond pool size, making this cover easier to install, included in cover size above) - 10 Year Warranty

- Cover should be able to float loosely on the water, consider going up a pool size if you have steps or a buddy seat - Includes loops for water tubes - Water tubes sold separately


5. Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Oval Pool Winter Cover

Snowy weather is inevitable during winter; therefore, you need to have a pool cover to deal with this kind of dirt properly. The cover from Blue Wave performs well for oval pools. There will be no ripping apart or material stretching with this powerful item.

Both of its heavy-duty cable and winch tighteners are vinyl-coated to keep the cover in place by anchoring. The woven polyethylene material of this winter pool cover has been UV-stabilized to protect pools from sun rays. It comes with a 15-year warranty.


- Protects oval pools from the snow.

- Cannot be torn/ripped apart easily.

- Has a vinyl-coated cable & tightener.

- Backed with a 15-year warranty.


6. Buffalo Blizzard Split Blocker Winter Cover for 14-Foot-by-28-Foot Rectangle Swimming Pools

Looking for a more budget-friendly option for the season? This winter pool cover features heavy-duty 12-by-12 scrim and resists cracks, splits, and tears in cold weather, including rain, snow, and strong wind. The pool cover material is polyethylene, a type of durable plastic, and has been designed with an ultraviolet light inhibitor.

The rectangular pool cover can be used for above-ground or in-ground pools with enough overlap to accommodate rails; it's also available in round and oval shapes. This pool cover's interlock weave is strong enough to resist rips but is also lightweight enough that it isn't cumbersome to put on and take off. Keep in mind water won't seep through this one.


- The Split Blocker Winter Cover won't crack, split or tear from the cold! These winter covers are made strong, durable and tough enough to withstand a cold, harsh winter season.

- The Buffalo Blizzard Pool Winter Cover for above-ground or in-ground pools comes with 5 ft. of overlap, making it a 19’ x 33’ rectangle cover, allowing for a secure installation.

- It is highly recommended that all excess water be removed from atop the cover during the off-season. This will elongate the longevity of the material and can be accomplished with use of a cover pump or siphon.

- Rip-proof patented technology and advanced manufacturing process yields 3 times normal tear strength!

- The installation of a winter cover will likely require some assistance from friends, family or a friendly neighbor. In advance of seeking help, the water level should be lowered beneath the skimmer, winter plug inserted and the water winterized with closing chemicals.


7. 24-ft, Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools by In the Swim

This is a solid round pool cover and features an 8×8 scrim. It includes a cable and turnbuckle to fit the cover in place. This 27-foot pool cover with durable sheeting of laminated polyethylene is reliable winter protection. It is light in weight, which might make you wonder whether it will last long. But due to the high-density stitching, this cover can withstand harsh weather conditions and elements that could damage it, including snow, wind, and ice. You won’t regret investing in this pool cover because it’s worth it.


- Cover size: 27 feet diameter Round

- Blue solid cover, keeps debris and water out

- Includes Steel cable and winch

- Cover dimensions: 27 feet in diameter, to fit Round pools measuring: 24 feet in diameter

- International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.


8. Intex Deluxe All-Weather Pool Cover

The Intex Deluxe Pool Cover is perfect for Intex pool owners who want to wrap up their pool. This cover can be used both in the summer and winter.

Because the material isn’t as thick as the other covers on this list (it’s basically a fitted tarp for your pool), it is easier to fasten and remove from your Intex round pool.

This particular model is designed specifically for 18-foot Intex round pools, but the cover is available for other pool sizes as well.


- Fits 18´ diameter round pools

- 8" overhang with rope tie

- UV resistant material

- Drain holes to prevent water accumulation


9. Robelle Platinum Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

While most other winter pool cover features an 8×8 scrim, the above-ground cover from Robelle provides you with a larger one of 12×12. The polyethylene applied to make this cover meets the commercial-grade and weighs only around 3.26 ounces.

It does not allow any kind of water to go through, and the underside in black can stop algae from growing in pools. This dual-interlocking layer technology for its material can inhibit UV radiation. There are a cable and a winch to connect with the grommets.


- Winter pool cover to be used with traditional above ground swimming pools

- Pool Size: 18 x 40 Foot Oval Cover Size: 22 x 44 Feet (includes overlap in total)

- Extra heavy duty 12 x 12 scrim

- International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.


10. Robelle Dura-Guard Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

Made of heavy-duty scrim (12×12), the Robelle line of winter pool covers are excellent picks for wrapping up your above ground swimming pool.

Available in a large swath of sizes and colors to match your backyard and pool, Robelle’s Dura Guard, one of the sturdiest fabrics available for outdoor pool protection, includes an additional four feet of overlap.

A cable and winch are included to fasten the cover securely around the perimeter of your pool, locking out debris and the elements.

Robelle fully backs these covers with a 15-year warranty.


- Heavy-duty 12 x 12 scrim

- Commercial grade polyethylene weighs 3.26 oz./yd2

- 4 foot overlap (Includes 4 feet of extra material, making this cover easier to secure)

- Includes winch and cable used to secure the cover through the reinforced grommets

- 12 year warranty


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