What is the Best Pool Pole?

Maintaining your pool is supposed to be easy once the right equipment is used. In such terms, there are a few items that are a must, but there is no doubt that a pool pole is one of them. Every pool owner knows they can’t make use of the pool net, pool brush, or pool vacuum cleaner without a telescopic pole.

In the bulky list of pool cleaning items which often includes the likes of vacuum heads, skimmers, brushes, nets, and so on, the pool pole is the king connector of them all as with a simple attachment, it makes the usage of all these items easier.

Still not sure, which pole is best for your pool? Keep reading our buying guide with the 5 best pool telescopic poles which will make your cleaning process easier.


1. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Pool Pole

Featuring ribbed anodized aluminum construction, the U.S. Pool Supply Professional Pool Pole is a very strong and sturdy option. Thus said, it is designed to serve you well for many seasons with an inside made with solid quality.

You can easily loosen that part in order to adjust the length, while being able to tighten it too, making the pole locked in position. In addition, it comes in a beautiful design with an eye-pleasing blue finish.

With a full one-year warranty this product stands for a completely backed up durability.  And even more, its pieces are made to adjusts from 8 feet to 16 feet. Because of the standard attachments, it can easily fit standard pool skimmers, baskets, brushes, rakes, and vacuum heads.


- Ribbed anodized construction

- Great quality and sturdiness

- A full one year warranty

- 7'-21' Adjustable length

- Blue anodized finish

- 3 pc dual external locking cams


2. JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 16-Feet Professional Anodized Black and Silver Telescopic Pole

This deluxe anodized telescopic pole by JED Pool Tools is made of aluminum material. A 2-piece extendable pole that can adjust from 6 to 16 feet.

Our number one telescopic pool pole has an anodized aluminum construction. It is suitable for all floor vacuums, brushes, and nets with a 3 cm holder.

With this telescopic pool pole from JED Pool Tool, any work or cleaning at your pool becomes child’s play.

This swimming pool pole consists of two individual parts. With this construction, it is even easier to find the individual working length for your situation.

This enables the telescopic pool pole to extend itself to twice its unadjusted length. With its adjustability of up to 16 feet, every common pool can be easily covered with this range.

An advantage of its two-part design can now also be seen in the adjustable minimum length. This pole measures just 6 feet, which means that it can be easily placed anywhere after use until it is needed again.

This telescopic pool pole has a non-slip PVC handle at its end so that you can always keep a firm grip on the pole. So, you don’t have to worry about the telescopic pole accidentally falling completely into water.

Customers especially like its aluminum construction, which is particularly easy and handy to use.


- Very stable even when fully extended

- Extensive overall length

- Light aluminum material

- Anodized finish for aesthetics and durability


3. Aqua Select Telescopic Vacuum Pole Variety Kit

Another prominent contender in the category of the best telescopic pool pole is Aqua line of swimming pool poles. The chosen one in this case being Aqua Select Telescopic Vacuum Pool Pole..

This heavy-duty model is considered a prime pool cleaning equipment amongst the many swimming pool poles. The kit, being made with quality aluminum material and despite the sturdiness of the overall material, has lightweight, very easy, and practical to maneuver, and long-lasting are the major features.

To further add to the practicability and usability of the product, the handle of the pole is coated with rubber material to prevent it from slipping during usage. And then the presence of a locking cam that puts the finishing touches into the fitting and grip area.

With the locking mechanism and the EZ-Clip Release mechanism, attaching other pool maintenance tools like pool nets, pool brushes, and other equipment to keep your pool clean.

With regards to the length, a long pole measuring between 5-15 feet allows for the pool owner to alternate between the minimum length to clear close-up objects and then use it when fully extended to clean the pool floor and other inner parts of the pool.


- Heavy-duty material for durability

- Rubber coated handle

- Easily attaches with unique locking mechanism

- Long with easy length adjustment

- Fit for larger pools

- Easy storage


4. Skimlite 3-Piece Dual-Locking Telescoping Pool

This pole is designed for professional pool services for thorough cleaning and maintaining your pool. It goes far beyond where many pools in the market will not reach. The product is durable and robust because it is built with light-weight, heavy-grade aluminum.

It is well crafted with a powerful locking mechanism that locks the pole internally and externally. This helps to provide extra security and prevent the poles from sliding off.

Both locks are built to help in the most challenging job, but you can also choose to use only the inner lock for a lighter job. All features are designed for a better experience.

It also features internal cam poles that are made with a cam plug that also provides extra support.


- Poles are hand-made in the USA

- Constructed from light-weight, heavy-grade aluminum

- Features three super-strong, dual-locking mechanisms that allow for re-sizing

- Provides longer extensions during rigorous work without slipping

- 2-piece telepole extends from 6 to 18 feet long


5. WOLLGORD Cleaning Pole

Connecting accessories such as skimmers, vacuum heads, nets, and brushes to the pole becomes very easy. What does the trick is the convenient clip handle, as it lets you install any accessory securely by the push of a button.

Another great benefit of this product is that it makes cleaning areas that are hard to reach easier and much faster. It comes with an extendable length of 21”to 27”, and hence lets you expand the cleaning range as per your needs for efficient cleaning.

Additionally, this pole has a handle with a hangable design that makes it very easy to store and saves considerable space. Lastly, the combination of aluminum and plastic makes the product strong and more durable than ordinary poles.


- Lets you install accessories easily

- Can clean hard-to-reach areas faster

- Hangable design makes it easy to store

- Stronger and more durable


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