What is Sta-Rite Pool Filter?

Sta-Rite® cartridge filter and sand filter combine to provide powerful filtering capabilities.

The unique design of the Mod Media cartridge filter allows it to filter particles up to 3 times smaller than sand, and it only requires a simple cleaning once per season. Its water clarity is outstanding.

The durable tank features a built-in tough composite material that can endure the elements and corrosion. It's backed by a 10-year warranty.

The tank features an easy-open design that allows users to easily clean their Mod Media cartridges. It also comes with a cleaning ring that allows you to rinse and clean them without removing them.

The filter of the Mod Media cartridge is designed to handle much more dirt than a standard sand or cartridge filter. It can effectively remove up to 15 times more dirt than a standard sand filter. Because of its unique design, it can operate efficiently and require a cleaning once or twice per season.

The tank is powered by the Sta-Rite® Opti-Flo pump, which has a powerful efficiency. It can reduce the amount of energy it uses, which saves you money on energy costs.

Also equipped with a pump, filter, and hose connection. The Mod Media system is an ideal choice for those who are looking for low-maintenance and outstanding water quality.

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