Water Tech's POOL BLASTER  Max CG Cordless Rechargeable

Sometimes, a product just makes you stop and think, why didn't this happen before? The reason why this product exists is that it will improve the way you look after your pool, and in some way, enhance your life in general.

This is a portable battery operated vacuum cleaner that works by attaching itself to the bottom of a pool pole. It does not require an electrical cord to operate, and is designed to work seamlessly even though it is attached to a pool skimmer.

The concept of a pool vacuum is a good one for everyone. While there are better ones out there, the ones with bigger storage bags and more powerful engines are not ideal for most pool setups.

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, start by hooking up the manual vacuum and ensuring that the hose is connected to the appropriate pole. Then, for the rest of the time, just pick up any bugs or leaves that are floating around the pool.


The new Pool Blaster Max CG is the first rechargeable, battery-powered and self-contained underwater pool cleaner. It's the first in 40 years to come along with a built-in timer. Max CG eliminates the chore of setting up and cleaning pool equipment. Instead, it automatically cleans the pool and its surrounding areas. It does so by using less energy.

This is a hand-held pool cleaner that can be used to clean hard to reach parts of a pool or spa, such as stairs and corners. It's also designed to be attached to any telescopic pole. It is designed to remove all types of pool debris, such as algae, leaves, pine needles, dirt, and mud. It's built to be used with no additional equipment or tools.


Water Tech's POOL BLASTER  Max CG Cordless Rechargeable

Our Commercial Grade pool cleaner which is designed to clean the largest In Ground pools easily and effortlessly

  • CG Commercial Grade for residential use
  • High-quality Recharger - one hour recharge
  • Extra coated rust and corrosive resistance
  • Long-life, powerful, Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-in Hanging Notch for easy storage
  • Wheels for Concrete or Gunite pools
  • Brushes for Vinyl lined pools
  • High flow, vacuum motor
  • 33% more suction power
  • Spot-Cleaning nozzle
  • Filter Bag

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