Top 5 Best Pool Salts

Everybody likes jumping into a cool fresh pool on a hot summer day. But what’s more important is whether it is healthy and hygienic or not. Today we have a wide range of different chemicals in the market to disinfect pools. However, these chemicals might be dangerous for human health.

There is a good alternative to the hazardous chemicals for human health- it’s a pool salt! Using this additive, you will have soft hair and skin, clear, non-itchy eyes, and a smaller pool chemical bill.

The salt you buy to use in your pool is called pool salt for two main reasons: it’s a coarser grind that works better in chlorine and bromine generators, and you can buy it in bulk, which will save you some money.

To make things easier for you, we have reviewed the 5 best pool salts in the market:


1. EasyGoProducts Spas – 40 Pounds Morton Pool Salt – High Purity & Fast Dissolving Chlorine Generator, White

Keep your salt water pool full of clean and sparkling water. Morton Professional’s Choice Pool Salt is the quick dissolving high purity salt designed for salt water pools so you can get back to swimming faster. Morton unique packaging also makes it easy to carry, open, and pour.


- Morton pool salt keeps pool water clean and contains no additives eliminating the need to handle and store hazardous chemical chlorine. The high purity pool salt offers a fast dissolving rate for quick and hassle-free use. Specially designed for use with salt water chlorinators and not recommended for use in water softeners. Available in a 40 pound size.

- This is an all-natural salt that helps your pool remain sparkling clean. High-purity salt from a brand you can trust. Easy to use, contains no additives Additive free salt, will not cause staining or cloudy water. Over 99. 7% soluble, this fine grade salt dissolves quickly and evenly, so you can get back in the pool faster.

- Morton pool salt is gentler on hair, skin, eyes and swimwear. Salt material dissolves quickly in saltwater chlorinators. Keep your salt water pool full of sparkling, clean water with the help of Morton Pool Salt. Dissolves in less than 3 minutes

- Pour directly into the pool while walking around the edge to help dissolve evenly. Pool Salt should be distributed over the greatest water surface area possible to aid in the dissolve rate. Always check and follow the instructions from your pool manufacturer or salt water chlorinator manufacturer for proper salt application.

- Designed for use in saltwater pools only


2. Aquasalt-40 Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator

Aqua Salt is another company that’s been producing grade-A salt for quite some time, except they’ve have been concentrating on nothing but swimming pool and spa salts. This product is a finely ground USP-certified salt that’s as white as the driven snow and is manufactured in much of the same way as table salt is manufactured. Except this salt is not suitable for human consumption and is designed to only be used in chlorine generators and spas. And speaking of spas, we believe that this product is one of the best spa salts available, and has the perfect consistency to get the job done.This product also has a fast dissolve rate when it’s applied according to manufacturer’s directions, so chlorine generators can begin using it immediately,. And since this product comes in a 40-pound bag, it’s easy for most consumers to use. This is especially true since it has a special handle built right into the bag. It’s no wonder that Aqua Salt is one of the best selling salt products in the United States. For best results, the consumer should use this product according to the directions provided in their spa’s or chlorine generator’s instruction manual. That will ensure that the consumer gets the best results from this product.


- 100% pure, certified USP-Grade salt produced specifically for swimming pool and spa chlorine generators

- Distribute over the widest water surface area possible for fastest dissolve rate

- Avoid piling salt on the pool surface and brush as necessary until fully dissolved

- 40 pound bag size


3. Clorox Pool & Spa High Purity Salt

One of the main reasons that this salt has made it on our list is because it’s one of the more inexpensive pool salts available, which makes it a good value for most consumers. This is a product that’s made by Clorox, a company that is usually known for making bleach for laundry and household cleaning products, but in this instance, they’re making salt. Although we do think that this is a fine grade of salt that should work well enough for most people, our major complaint was that it didn’t dissolve as quickly as some other brands. We’re not sure if we’re spoiled from using some of the commercial-grade products, so it’s up to every one of our readers to decide whether this budget pool salt is right for their needs.


- This is a good value pool salt

- High purity

- Fast dissolving

- Made for saltwater chlorinators


4. Morton’s Professional Choice Easy-Pour Jug

Mortons is well known for creating high-quality table salt products, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they also make some great pool salt products as well. Take this one, for instance. It’s 20-pounds of granulated salt that comes in an easy-pour jug. This jug allows the pool owner to carefully and evenly distribute the salt over the entire surface of the swimming pool. This even distribution allows the salt to dissolve faster and helps in the chemical conversion process. Now a clean pool can be easily achieved without having to wrestle with oversized bags.


- Exclusive Design: exclusive lightweight jug design makes pool maintenance a breeze with an easyto- grip handle and a flip-and-re-seal lid

- Quicker Dissolve: Fine-grade salt dissolves in less than 3 minutes

- All Natural: This is an all-natural salt that helps your pool remain sparkling clean

- More Comfort: Morton Pool Salt is gentler on hair, skin, eyes, and swimwear

- Highly Rated: Morton is the expert in salt, and pool owners love our products

- Less Hassle, Less Lugging: Order online and pick up in store today


5. Diamond Crystal Salt 40-Pound Bag

Designed to work with just about any electric chlorinator system that’s currently manufactured, this quality salt from Diamond Crystal works quickly and helps disinfect pools completely. One introduced into the pool’s water, this salt dissolves quickly so that the chemical process can get well underway. It’s able to do this because its made from a fine-grade salt that’s been obtained through the evaporation process. That makes it an additive-free and all-natural disinfect that won’t produce the same strong odor or eye irritation that chlorine does. It’s a 99.9% pure product ready to make anyone’s pool cleaner.


- The natural way to chlorinate

- Keep your pool sparkling clean w/diamond crystal premium pool salt.

- High purity salt is recommended by electric chlorinator system manufacturers

- 99.3 to 99.9% pure

- Additive free, there may be some caking or clumping.


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