Top 5 Best Coleman Spa Pillows

Due to hot tub headrests being partly submerged in the water, they generally need replacing at least every 2-3 years. They are a very wearable item and due to this, they need to be maintained and looked after with good care to help reduce the frequency of replacement. Today we’ll talk about the Coleman Spa Pillows.
These Coleman Spas pillows are model-specific and only fit the series of hot tubs when they were made by MAAX. Coleman Spas by MAAX made the 400, 600, 700, and 800 series hot tubs as well as the California Cooperage line. These pillows will not fit any Colemans Spas that were not made by MAAX.
Need help finding the right pillow cushion for your Coleman spa? – Here is a shortlist of some of the best Original Coleman Spa replacement pillows:

1. American Whirlpool Lounge Pillow 110385 Maax LA Spa Graphite

American Whirlpool lounge pillow 110385 graphite gray without logo dome (sold separately if needed)
Has single pin in back and is graphite gray.
Pillow is over 11 inches wide
Round pillow badge sold separately if needed 110358 (1.38 inches diameter)
We also offer the 110386 neck pillow.

2. Coleman Spa Standard Pillow 1200 700 Series Charcoal 102578

Coleman Spa Standard Pillow model 1200 for 700 Series spa in the color Charcoal.
Dimensions are about 12 1/4 x 4" with 1 Pin in back.
Original Maax Coleman replacement pillow for your spa is on sale now. Buy 2 or more and get free shipping in the continental USA

Pillow part number 102578 is an original Maax Coleman spa pillow headrest.
This spa pillow has one pin in back that mounts to the pin receptacle in the spa shell.
The back of 102578 is relatively flat going side to side whereas the 102576 is curved in the back from left to right.
Especially used in models from 2001-2003. This pillow 102578 is about 4 1/4" tall whereas the similar looking pillow 102576 is taller at about 4 3/4".
The ledge indent is about 1 1/2 inches (whereas on 102576 the ledge in center is shorter at about 1 inch)
Contact us if you need assistance in finding the right Maax/Coleman spa pillows for your spa.
This pillow may also say "1200" on back of pillow.

3. Coleman Spa Collar Pillow 103419 Gray 700 Series 2004

Coleman Spa Collar neck Pillow in gray 103419. Comes with logo dome included. On sale now!
Fits Maax Coleman 700 Series Spas. Not really 2-tone, mainly gray.
This original collar jet pillow has 2 pillow pins in back that fit the pillow cushion receptacles in your spa shell.
2004 and other model year spas used these Coleman Spa replacement pillows.
Pillow part number 103419. Used in Coleman and Maax Spas in the 700 Series made after mid-April, 2004.
These are factory original Maax Coleman spa pillow cushions that emphasize comfort, excellent resistance to chemicals, quality of surface finishes, closed cell foam structure, and 100% waterproof properties.

4. Coleman Spa Gray Lounge Pillow 103418 PMS430

Popular gray lounge pillow cushion 103418 for Maax Coleman Spas is on sale now with free Maax pillow logo dome included.
This hot tub pillow has one pin in the center, back of pillow.

Measurements: 11 3/4 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches tall. This is the authentic Coleman Spa replacement pillow and may say103418 or 103418B on the back.
Includes Maax logo dome. Need a different logo dome like California Cooperage? Contact us as we have several. This pillow includes the Maax logo dome.
Get FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA on all orders over $95.
Comes with MAAX Logo Dome insert included.


5. Coleman Spa Neck Pillow 102572 872 Light Gray 1994-2000 Cal Coop

Coleman Spas 102572 California Cooperage Neck Pillow #872, Light Grey (This Pillow Is Listed As "Light Grey" But Is Closer To White In Color).
Used From 1994-2000. If the pillow you are replacing is a medium or dark gray, you may want to use part# 102583 as a replacement instead.
It is the same 2-pin pillow but does not have the suction cup and is dark gray.
These are authentic Coleman Spa replacement pillows! Coleman Spa and therefore, Hot Tub Outpost does not warranty these replacement pillows in any way.
Pillow has a center suction cup in addition to the 2 side pins - lighter color version. This light gray pillow is being phased out, then the replacement will be 102583 the darker pillow without the center suction cup.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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