Top 10  Hot Tub Chemicals

This guide provides an overview of the best hot tub chemicals on the market today.

Even though your hot tub contains a smaller volume of water as compared to your swimming pool, it requires the same level of care and has to be treated properly. The most important thing you can do to make sure your hot tub is ready for use at all times is to frequently check the chemicals. So, which are the best hot tub chemicals? Below, we have reviewed some outstanding spa, hot tub, and jacuzzi chemicals.


1.Leisure Time RENU2 Renew Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment for Spas and Hot Tubs, 2.2 lbs, Assorted


Leisure Time offers top rated spa chemicals with an established reputation for effectiveness. This non-chlorine oxidizer dissolves fast and is very good at getting rid of organic matter such as cosmetics, oils, ammonia, chloramine, and other residue contaminants to keep spa water clean, clear, and fresh smelling. It can be used with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and mineral sanitizer systems. It is a potassium monopersulfate compound formulated with DuPont Oxone. Another great thing about it is that it is buffered so it won't change the water pH.


- BENEFITS: Oxidizer that clears cloudy water; eliminates odors and contaminants; destroys microorganisms, soaps, deodorants and oils; buffered to prevent pH fluctuations; Prevents chloramine build up

- USE: Use weekly as part of the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care program or after every use when using the Reserve & Renew system; not a disinfectant

- COMPATIBILITY: Chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems

- FEATURES: Quick dissolving; chlorine free

- ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Potassium Peroxymonosulfate

- Economical bulk package

- Destroys microorganisms, soaps, deodorants and oils

- Buffered to prevent pH fluctuations

- Prevents chloramine build up


2. Leisure Time a Bright and Clear Cleanser for Spas and Hot Tubs, 32 fl oz


Leisure Time Bright and Clear usually makes the top of everyone’s favorite spa chemical list. It’s designed specifically for hot water use and is compatible with all types of sanitizers. This chemical suspends contaminants, clumping them together so that they can easily be trapped in the filter and removed. This action helps maximize your filter’s performance, keeping your hot tub water clean and clear.


- BENEFITS: Helps spa filters perform at peak efficiency; prevents scale formation

- USE: Designed for hot water applications to improve water clarity; use weekly for continued protection from scale

- COMPATIBILITY: Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers

- FEATURES: Water clarifier that remedies clouds in spa water

- INCLUDES: 8 fl oz of hot tub cleaning chemicals

- Helps spa filters perform at peak efficiency

- Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers

- Utilizes polymer action to remove suspended particles


3. Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Granules ,6 Pounds


When you own a hot tub, you have to choose some type of sanitizing system. This can be chlorine, bromine, salt, ozone, or mineral. Chlorine is the top pick because it’s the most effective and usually the cheapest. But you do have a choice when it comes to the type of chlorine you use. Clorox is a trusted name in cleaning and their chemicals for hot tubs are no exception. This particular product is a 6 in 1 formula designed to sanitize, shock, treat algae, remove contaminants, and reduce eye irritation. It also contains an agent that buffers itself against UV rays so it lasts longer than other chlorine products.


- Quick-dissolving, dual action pool chlorine granules that maintains a healthy pool

- Pool sanitizer and shock

- Kills harmful bacteria

- Kills and prevents all types of pool algae

- Improves filter performance

- Removes organic contaminants for clear pool water

- Protected against sunlight to last longer

- Reduces chlorine odor

- Add through skimmer or directly to water


4. SpaGuard Spa Shock-Oxidizer, 7lb


The shock oxidizer saves you from the use of additional chemicals, as it removes odor without forming white fungus later.


- SpaGuard Spa Shock 7#

- Non-Chlorine Spa or Hot Tub Oxidizer

- Quick dissolving shock treatment, will not raise spas chlorine residual

- Destroys organic contaminants

- Can be used with chlorinated or brominated spas or hot tubs


5. SpaChoice 472-3-5081 Chlorine Granules for Spas and Hot Tubs, 5-Pounds


This chlorine sanitizer by Spa Choice chemicals is one of the best spa chlorine sanitizers. It has 56% available chlorine and is very effective at killing bacteria and other pathogens and keeping algae at bay. It dissolves quickly and completely and as long as the right quantity is added doesn't leave a strong smell or irritate skin. It utilizes stabilized chlorine that isn't degraded by the sun's UV rays and lasts long. The only complaint is that it comes in a large container and the lid can be difficult to open.


- Dissolves Quickly and Completely

- Stabilized Spa Chlorine

- 56% Available Chlorine

- Controls Algae

- Kills Bacteria

- Downloadable User Guide Available Under Product Information: Technical Specifications


6. Leisure Time E5-02 Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules for Spas and Hot Tubs, 5-Pounds, 2-Pack


Leisure Time Chlorinating Granules is another chlorine product perfect for hot tubs. This formulation is about as pure as you can get, so you can use it with any of your other preferred chemicals. Chlorine for hot tubs basically comes in two types of materials — liquid or granular. Liquid chlorine has a tendency to spill and splash, but granular is much easier to control.


- Specifically formulated for spa and hot tubs

- Maintains clean, clear sanitized water

- Easy to use


7. Pool & Spa Anti Foam Defoamer Concentrate - 1 Gallon


What makes this one of the best chemicals for hot tubs is its potency, effectiveness, and versatility. It is a concentrated water-based silicone formula that removes existing foam and prevents new foaming. It does its job without leaving an oily or cloudy film or affecting the water chemistry. Apart from spas and hot tubs, you can use it to de-foam pools, ponds, and fountains.


- WATER BASED silicone formula which DOES NOT disturb the water chemistry. DOES NOT leave an oily residue or cloud the water.

- SUPER CONCENTRATED Defoamer. COMPATIBLE with All types of water chemistry including Chlorine, Salt Water & More.

- PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Don't take chances adding potentially dangerous chemicals into the water that your family swims in.

- 30 DAY HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We value our customers and we stand behind ALL of our products 100% with no questions asked! If you are not pleased simply call or email us with your order number and we will reimburse you in FULL!


8. Spa Essentials 32305000-02 Tabs Hot Tub Bromine, 2-Pack


Some people choose to sanitize their hot tubs with bromine rather than chlorine. If you do, this is the one we recommend. Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets are compressed 1” tablets that you put directly into your floater or feeder for long-lasting effectiveness. These are easy to use since they come pre-measured and are a good alternative if you simply can’t stand the smell of chlorine.


- Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets are a spa and hot tub sanitizer

- Compressed 1 in. bromine tablets provide long lasting sanitizing protection

- This is a hard-working product that will kill and control bacteria

- Spa Essentials brand chemicals are the easiest to use: reach and maintain beautiful spa water


9. [5 lbs] Spa Choice Brominating Sanitizer Tabs


These bromine tablets for hot tub are very effective because they contain 98% active ingredients. Regular use helps kill bacteria and disinfect the pool and spa. These tablets are slow dissolving and last longer. They appropriately distribute bromine in water and leave behind no bad odor making the pool water look and feel good. The large tablet container comes with a tight lid that keeps the tablets stay fresh for more than a year. The only thing to consider is that the container often gets tossed in storage and delivery which results in broken tablets and a waste of money.


- 5 lb. bucket 1-1/4" Brominating Tabs

- Compare our higher 98% active ingredient to any other brand

- No strong chlorine odor

- Large, easy-access child resistant lid

- Stays fresh longer than larger pails


10. Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner 16 Ounces


When it is time to drain the tub and refill it, this Oh Yuk hot tub cleaner does an amazing job cleaning your tub, water lines, and filter. It gets rid of dirt, contaminants, foam, scum, and residues that have built up over time. It even loosens up mineral scaling for easy removal. You will have a clean and healthy tub to add fresh water to and a filter that looks and works like it is new.


- From the Creators of Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner Comes a Great New Cleaner for Your Hot Tub!

- Improves Water Quality and Clarity!

- Removes Contaminants and Improves Filtration!

- Extends the Life of Your Equipment!

- Reduces Chemical Usage, Foaming, and Removes Nasty Residues!

  If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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