Top 10 Best Spa Cover Lifters

The role of a right hot tub cover lifter is imperative for any hot tub owner. It facilitates easy handling and also extends the safety and life of your hot tub. Moreover, it does not cut down your energy bills by reducing energy consumption and ensures your tub to be hygienic and clean.

With the right cover lifter, opening and closing the tub is an effortless task you can accomplish alone. It makes using your spa more enjoyable and elongates the lifespan of the cover by reducing wear and tear.

Let’s take a look at some of the best spa cover lifters so you are prepared to care for your spa the right way. To make things easier for you, we’ve picked up the 10 best in the market:



1. Blue Wave Low Mount Spa Cover Lift

Ensuring an effortless operation of your spa, this cover lifter from Blue wave is constructed with the highest quality steel to eradicate any possibility of rust and corrosion.

It is a manual cover lifter, which comes with a pivot style so that it could be mounted at the ground level. The side on which it is stored must have a space of around 4 feet to fold it back.

With lesser space, removing or stowing of this cover is a hectic task.


- High-quality powder-coated steel is used in to make it.

- Appropriately fits rectangular and square spas.

- Offers 1-year warranty.

- No corrosion or rust over a considerable period of time.

- Economical Pricing.


2. Cover Valet 250 c

This Cover Valet cover lift utilizes dual gas springs to make lifting and dropping the cover a smooth and effortless operation you can accomplish with one hand. It requires folding the first half of the cover onto the second half and then you lift the folded cover using the lifter. A locking feature holds the cover in an upright position when open so the cover blocks the view on one side.

For toughness and durability, it is made using stainless steel with a powder coat finish. Its only weakness is that it does not have a solid bar going across the width of the cover to minimize the stress on the cover. You install this by screwing it to the side of the spa. Installation is easy but it is wise to follow the direction and map it out to prevent mistakes. It is designed for spa covers up to 7.5’. It requires 6"-8" clearance space behind the tub and a 3" allowance on each side.


- Dual gas springs assist

- Requires minimal clearance space

- Easy to install

- 5-year warranty


3. Cover Valet CV400 Spa Cover Lifter

The Cover Valet CV400 Spa Cover Lifter is a fantastic choice if you don’t have enough clearance room for the bigger options.

You only need between 4 to 6 inches on all sides, which is well below the minimum 12 inches suggested by most spa experts.

The gas-shocked-assisted poles allow you to pull back the cover without breaking a sweat. A single person can quickly remove or replace the cover in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that this model fits spa covers up to 8 feet long.

This lifter mounts right to the side of the spa cabinet (wood or plastic).

Many customers prefer this product simply because you don’t have to lift or drain the spa to install it. The instructions are quick and easy, allowing you to put it together in less than an hour.


- Requires only 4"-6" of clearance

- Gas shock assisted for effortless spa cover removal. One person cover removal

- Mounts to edge of spa cabinet or directly to deck

- Fits spa covers up to 8 ft

- Features a five year limited manufacturer's warranty


4. Puri Tech Cover Lifts – Pivot Top-Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift

This cover lift is constructed from reinforced plastic brackets, double-coated with aluminum and stainless-steel hardware. It is corrosion-resistant and is built to give you years of service.

It is very easy to use and maintain; fold the cover over the center bar and rollover using the padded handle to the back of the spa.

It comes with a 3-hook towel holder for proper storage even when the spa is in use. The lift is designed to fit all spa with 96 inches width and works perfectly well when 10-15 inches clearance is provided behind the spa and 5 inches at each side of the spa.


- Easy to use and maintain

- Can be adjusted to fit smaller size spa

- It is durable and will not rust due to the non-corrosive material

- It is cost-friendly


5. CoverMate Easy Spa and Hot Tub Cover Lift

Compatible with the spas with the width of 6 feet to 8 feet. It barely requires 5″ of clearance at sides and 14″ of clearance from the back side.

This lifter is easily operable without mounting brackets. Spa Cover storage, as well as spa cover lifter solution, are available with this zero moving parts. No specialized tools are required for its installation over any hot tub.


- Black powder coated, rust-free construction

- Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets

- Requires just ten Inch of clearance behind spa

- 12-point, 14-inch mounting system provides ultimate strength

- Fits virtually any spa up to eight feet in width


6. SpaEase 200, Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift

Featuring Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT), this technology efficiently assists you in the opening and closing the cover lift. It also ensures tight closure for insulation purposes, cutting down your electricity bills.

Extended durability is provided by using high-quality aluminum and steel. Mounting brackets leads to easy installation.

But you need to drill and fasten the tub cabinet with lift.


- Effortless operation ensured by Hydraulic lift.

- Quite easy to install and use.

- Minimal clearance space required.

- The durable cover lifter with considerable quality.


7. Cover Caddy Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Cover Valet is a leading provider of the best spa cover lifters. This Cover Caddy is very versatile thanks to its under-mount design that enables it to work with spas of all shapes from rectangular, square, round to octagonal. It is also adjustable to fit different cover widths and spa heights. This mounting design also makes it ideal for handling heavy covers without stressing and damaging the tub. It uses a gas spring for effortless cover removal and replacement. When open, the cover falls to the side of the tub so it doesn't block the view. It also holds the cover off the ground so it doesn't collect dirt.


- New undermount-cabinet design works with all spas. Nothing to attach to your spa cabinet.

- Gas spring assisted for effortless one person spa cover removal

- Complete installation within minutes.

- XL spacers included for spa covers with 6ö - 4ö tapers

- Features an industry leading five year MFG warranty


8. The Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover & Storage System

This spa cover lifter by Spa Depot might be the easiest option to install for beginners.

If you’re not handy with power tools, you can follow the simple instructions to have it up in around 30 minutes. All of the mountain hardware is included.

Each arm on this lifter has several rollers that take the stress off of the arms. They also allow you to slide the cover right off without stressing your muscles and joints. The rear mounting brackets hold the cover as you relax in the spa. When you’re done, simply roll it right back over to the top.


- Hot Tub Cover Storage Solution

- Folds neatly away when not in use

- (4) Easy-slide rollers per arm

- Simple installation - fits all spa shapes

- Storage system only (spa cover not included)


9. Cover Classic Bottom Mount Spa Cover Lifter

Crafted from anodized aluminum, this cover lifter is a bottom mount spa. Most of the covers up to 99” can be conveniently handled by it. With its easy installation process, it provides a pivot type of lift assist. With its compact size, it is quite easy to store.

No cover handling or gas shocks are available with it. This cover lifter is moderately priced, making it an affordable deal. The shelf life of this lifter is high as it crafted from a very durable material. The flexible material of this cover lifter facilitates its easy usage.


- Does not work with sunken or inground spas. Powder Coated Aluminum - Requires 18" of Clearance Behind Spa

- Easy to Install & Use - No Cover Handling - No Gas Shocks

- Lifts & Stores Cover Behind Spa - Fold Back, Lift Up, Store Cover

- Fits Square or Rectangle Hot Tubs up to 96" - Low Profile Design Blends Easily

- Reduces Wear & Tear on Cover- Cover Lasts Longer


10. The Cover Guy – Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter

This is one of the most efficient cover lifters, which handles heavy loads and harsh winters extremely well. Durable yet light-weighted, it ensures really good insulation. It comes with a tapered design with a foam as thick as 5″. Its high-density form allows easy resistance from extreme weather conditions. It is a child-safe cover lift with 4 lock child safety.

It can easily sustain the weights of children and animals, although it is advised to keep it away from them for safety reasons.


- It comes with an R19 insulation value.

- It reinforces the folding hinge and offers tear-free handles.

- A corrosion-resistant and rust-free cover lift with gas springs

- Extended durability is ensured with Polyester Thread of Marine Grade.

- It includes a 1-year warranty


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