Time to Tune-Up Your Suction Pool Cleaner. Part II - Suction Cleaner Repairs

In the last article, we figured out which parts of your suction pool cleaner need to be checked. Now we will talk about spare parts for repair.

Hoses are just the beginning, there are other specific parts in your pool cleaner that may need replacing before the season starts.


Suction Pool Cleaner Diaphragms

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The diaphragm is the part of a Baracuda-type cleaner that pumps the suction. It's worn out over time and can get damaged by various factors. The bad news is that after the diaphragm gets damaged, it won’t have enough suction power to perform its intended function.

There are different types (cassette and standard) of diaphragms available so be sure to pick the right type for your cleaner!


Suction Cleaner Flow Valves

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A flow valve is another important component that will help keep your suction pool cleaner performing at its optimal level. If your suction cleaner is not working properly, it’s a good idea to check its flow valves to see if they have cracks.


Leaf Catchers

Leaf Catchers and parts

A leaf catcher is a lifesaver for keeping your suction pool cleaners running smoothly. It's a great addition to your arsenal of pool cleaners since it prevents the debris from settling on their suction cups.


Suction Cleaner Tyres

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The shoes and tires of suction pool cleaners are often worn down after a long season. It’s a good idea to replace them once a new season rolls around.


Suction Cleaner Skirts

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These components are designed to provide a good grip on the pool surface. They can also wear out over time due to their use. These are easy to replace and are ideal for keeping your cleaners looking great all summer long. Just make sure to check them regularly to see if they’re getting damaged.


All-in-one overhaul and repair kits

All types of kits

Not only do these kits contain all the parts that you need for your cleaner, they also come with a handy guide that explains exactly how to perform the repairs.



Get your pool cleaning done before the season starts! With the help of our online shop, you can find all the necessary pool cleaner spare parts to give your cleaner a boost during the off season.



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