There's Snow On Your Winter Pool Cover: What To Do?

On Christmas Day, 2017, over 30′′ of snow fell in Erie, Pennsylvania. In just a couple of days, the storm brought in more than 60′′ of snow.

This winter storm, which has been dubbed as a Bomb Cyclone, has dumped snow across the East Coast. It has also reached as far south as Florida. With safety in mind, let’s discuss how to approach snow on your above ground or inground pool cover.


Under 2′ of Snow

Under two feet of snow, you can usually kick back and relax in your chair. Winter covers are designed to carry heavy loads.

Winter covers are essential to keep the water level low. If the level rises, the solid covers can break or fall-in.

When used as safety covers, mesh covers tend to look like they will break under the weight of snow. They will most likely freeze to the water surface before they can bounce back up.

Solid covers will keep the snow melt from coming in contact with the water, and they will protect the cover from further damage. When the snow begins to melt, be ready to use your cover pump.


2′ of Snow or More

If your pool has been covered with snow, try to remove a foot or two from the edge to avoid getting close to the pool or pool edge. Also, keep the deck around the pool clear to allow snowmelt to drain.


3′ of Snow or More

Use a soft bristle broom to gently remove the snow. It's a great tool to use if the weather gets worse as it will help remove the snow quickly.

Use a plastic snow shovel to remove snow from your cover. It's not safe to use a mechanical snow shovel. If the snow is wet and heavy, use a leaf blower.


Remember: Snow Will Melt

Positioning a cover pump correctly will help you remove snow and ice from your pool cover. When submerged beyond a certain point, an automatic pool cover pump will automatically turn on. These pumps can run all winter long.

Air pillows are great for keeping the pool surface from freezing to prevent pool walls from getting damaged. They also help channel water around the pool cover.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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