The Problems with Children in Hot Tubs

It's important to remember that a hot tub could be dangerous for young bodies.

The first issue with children in a hot tub is their ability to regulate the temperature. This can cause overheating and disorientation.

The second issue with children is that they tend to absorb bacteria and other harmful organisms through their bodies. This causes infections in their eyes and skin. Being in a hot tub can also lead to drowning.


The Problems with Children in Hot Tubs


Young children tend to have thin skin and are more prone to overheating than adults. In just a few minutes, they can become overheated and unconsciousness can occur.

Young children tend to overheat much faster than adults, and they also tend to have a harder time breathing in the hot air coming off of the water. They should also limit their exposure to hot water by reducing the temperature to less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.



In a public hot tub or spa, it's possible that the water is not sanitary. Also, children should never be allowed to use the facilities due to their potential exposure to pathogens such as pseudomonas and mycobacteria.

There are some infections that children can get easily, such as ear infections and skin infections. However, they are more prone to infections if they are in a private hot tub or spa.

A child's respiratory system can still get affected by the effects of spa exposure. It can still occur if the child stays in the water too long or if the air blower is used too much.



A child should never have access to a hot tub or spa unless it is secured by a locking spa cover. This ensures that they are not likely to gain access to the facility.

A hot tub in the home or backyard is as dangerous as a swimming pool. There are various safety precautions that can help prevent drowning in a hot tub.


If you MUST allow your Children in a Hot Tub

Since kids love hot baths, there are some rules that parents can follow to make it safer for them. However, since it's a magnet for them, they tend to do it while they're not around.

  1. Everyone Shower before using spa
  2. Turn down temperature below 100°children-in-hot-tub
  3. Limit soaking time to under 10 minutes
  4. Keep heads above water at all times
  5. No more than 3-4 kids at a time
  6. Constant adult spa-side supervision
  7. Have warm towels and cool drinks ready


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