The Best Hot Tub Placement
A portable hot tub can be placed anywhere. It can be placed in a patio, outdoor space, or inside a home. However, choosing the best place to put one is an important step in determining the proper size and location for a hot tub.

Intended Use

Do you want to use the hot tub for relaxation or for entertaining? The type of function that it will be used for will also play a role in its placement.

If you're planning on maintaining a more secluded environment, you might want to install a privacy barrier that's designed to keep the people from looking at it.

Shades can benefit hot tubs during daylight hours, while those used at night may need some type of pathway or lighting for safety reasons.



Having the right location for a hot tub can make or break it for you. Having one in the back of your yard is less attractive than one that’s located outside the front door. Having one in the middle of your yard is also a good idea.

Another thing to consider is the distance between the hot tub and the water outlet. Also, make sure that the electrical circuit is located close to the hot tub.



When it comes to choosing a new hot tub, it's important to think about its appearance. You can't help but notice how it's placed in its new location. Also, how it will look like when it's placed in the garden. Or is it going to stand out like a sore thumb? When used properly, a hot tub should complement and enhance the area it's in.


Delivery & Installation

Portable hot tubs and spas are big and heavy. If you purchased one from a local dealer, a delivery crew will most likely set it up in its new location.

Getting the right equipment and materials to the right location can be challenging since there are numerous factors that can make the delivery and placement of these items a bit more challenging. For instance, if the company has to relocate a pool or spa, they may have to remove some of its railings or fence panels.



When fully loaded, a hot tub can weigh over two tons. Having the proper support can help prevent it from sinking and undermining. Ideally, a hot tub should be placed on a flat, level, and resilient surface.

Hot tubs can be placed on a concrete slab or a floor. If you plan on using one, make sure that the base is level with the ground and that the deck is raised to support the weight of the tub.

If you plan on placing your hot tub on top of a deck, make sure that the structure has proper reinforcements underneath.



Before your new hot tub comes, check the dimensions. You'll also want to make sure that the area where the spa door will be installed is as tight as possible.

Hot tub installations near wood should be made to be water-resistant. Doing so can prevent the wood from staining and exposing it to water damage. Also, make sure the water drainage is clear.

A portable hot tub should be drained at least once a month to prevent overflows and keep it away from the house and its occupants.

If the water in your hot tub collects around the area's wooden spa cabinets, this could cause issues such as rot and short circuit damage. It could also cause mold to form in the insulation.

It doesn't matter if you're placing it in a different location or not, just as long as it works for you. A few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a hot tub will help you avoid making costly mistakes later on.


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