Save Energy With Your Dolphin

With over 20 years of experience, a Pool Service Consultant has rated the company's Nautilus robotic pool cleaner as the best in class.

The Dolphin Nautilus is a robotic vacuum that works seamlessly with swimming pools. Its ability to automatically clean all surfaces makes it a Top Tier product.

Dolphin pool cleaning robots are designed to be energy-efficient and cost-effective. They deliver consistently clean pool water using their multi-layer filter technologies.


5 Energy-Saving Benefits Built Right In Your Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Conventional pool cleaners rely on an external hardware to perform their tasks. These appliances are typically powered by a standard outlet. Instead, the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners have self-contained filtration systems.

These swimming pool cleaning machines are designed to remove dust and debris from your pool.

These are also great for minimizing the amount of water waste that would otherwise mar the appearance of your home. They’re also designed to give you a more luxurious view.

Five additional benefits, which are built right into your Dolphin robot, deserve a special mention. We’ll touch on each one in detail below:


Energy Efficiency

How much would it cost to operate a robotic pool cleaner for 1 hour? It uses 15 cents to run it through a full cycle of 3 hours.


Eco-Friendly Operation

With the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, you can save a lot of energy and become more eco-friendly. They use a fraction of the energy required by other systems.

Ultra-fine filter solutions are designed to collect debris in an easy-to-use compartment. They are ideal for minimizing backwash and improving water flow.


Robotic Scanning Technology

Maytronics is a global leader in robotic technology that has been creating innovative systems for more than three decades. Its Dolphin robot can quickly assess the size of your pool and clean it until it looks pretty.


Remote Control & Bluetooth® Options

With a Dolphin, you can save time and energy by cleaning the pool. With the latest generation of robotic pool cleaners, you can now control them remotely using Bluetooth and remote control technologies.


Ease of Use & Accessibility

The Dolphins are equipped with the latest in advanced features, such as the most powerful cleaning systems available in the industry.


There are many models to choose from, so ask your local dealer about the type of pool that fits to your needs.

A Dolphin robotic pool cleaning system is a great way to keep the environment in balance while still consuming less energy.


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