Replacing of a Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner Track

In this guide illustrates how easy it is to replace the MX8 Tracks. Is your MX8 Pool Cleaner having trouble traveling the surface of your pool? Is it unable to climb out of the deep end of your pool? This may be caused by worn tracks. 

1. Tools You'll Need: None.

2. Turn off your pool pump and disconnect the suction hose from your cleaner. Always do these steps

3. On either side you will find the tracks of the MX8 as highlighted in the picture.

4. Removing the track is simple. Slip your finger under the track and slip it over the one of the large bottom rollers. After it is voer the first roller it is easily taken off the other in the same fashion.

5. Discard old track

6. When retreading the rollers first place the track over the two bottom rollers first. before moving onto the next step make certain that the track guide, the raised track on the inside of the tread is snugly in the groove of the wheel.

7. Slip the MX8 Cleaner track over the small black pulley. Once again check the track to be sure the track's guide is sitting snugly into the pulley's groove.

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