Preventing DE Filter Powder Returning to Pool

A common complaint with DE FiIter users is having DE Powder escape the filter and end up in the pool. There are a number of possible causes for this problem, some simple and some more involved. This guide explains these causes and how to correct them.

1. AVOID ADDING TOO MUCH DE POWDER - One of the most common causes for getting DE Powder in your pool is adding too much DE powder.  Check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended amount of DE Powder.  If this is a new installation, you will have to add the full recommended amount. But if you are replacing DE Powder after a backwash, you will not need to add the full amount - generally around 80%.  The grids will have retained some of the DE Power after the backwash, and if you add too much, it may end up in the pool. Use the DE scoop that is generally provided with the DE Powder to measure the amount of DE Powder to add. A 1 lb coffee can is not equal to a 1 lb DE scoop. Another guide to assess how much DE Power to add is to monitor the pressure gauge. Stop adding DE Powder when the gauge hits your normal operational range - generally 10-13 psi.

2. CHECK MULTIPORT VALVE GASKET - If your Multiport Valve (MPV) Spider Gasket is damaged, you could have DE Powder leaking into the FILTER path during BACKWASH. A common cause of a damaged MPV gasket is the pool owner's failure to turn off the pump before moving the MPV handle. 

3. CHECK FOR TORN GRIDS - Another common source of loose DE Powder is through a tear in the grid fabric. Remove and inspect each grid for signs of tears or a breakdown of the plastic core that has poked a hole in the fiber. Replace the grid with a new one if required.

4. CHECK FOR DAMAGED MANIFOLD - While you have the DE Filter apart to look at the grids, check the Top Manifold for cracks around the ports and the Manifold Pipe Connection. Replace the Top Manifold if damaged.

5. CHECK MANIFOLD PIPE FOR DAMAGE - Also check the Manifold Pipe that comes up from the side of the tank and connects to the Top Manifold. Look for cracks or breaks. Replace if damaged. Check the O-ring at the top of the pipe for cracks and wear.

6. CHECK FOR SUCTION LEAKS - Another possible cause is backflow from the filter back though the pump and skimmer or suction ports. If there is a leak in the suction side of the piping, air can be sucked up the system and build up pressure inside the pool system while the pump is on. When the pump is shut off, this built up pressure can be released backwards into suction ports of the pool carrying some DE Powder with it.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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