Pool Party Checklist

This guide is for those who want to host the best pool party. What’s the best way to enjoy summer? Pool parties are a blast for kids and adults alike. Just keep reading and you'll make a serious splash with your guests!

1.Choose a theme-Hawaiian Luau. Surf’s Up. Inflatable Fun. There are all kinds of fun products on the market to deck out your swimming pool in a chosen theme or style. The best rule of thumb here is whatever floats your boat!

2. Invitations – It all begins with the invites. Invitations can be as formal or as informal as you like, just try to match them with your theme. Try to get creative and have fun with these! Shoot out an email with a few pictures attached of last year’s party. Or, buy some invitations and consider personally delivering them for that extra personal touch.

3. Decorations – What’s a pool party without crazy summer decorations? You can literally go crazy with these. Start thinking in terms of tiki torches, streamers, palm trees, and anything else you can think of.

4. Drinks – Why should the drinks at your party be conventional? You can even have them themed if you try hard enough. Make sure to offer several different cocktails: nothing says pool party like a delicious cocktail, and don’t forget that some of them should be virgin, per everybody’s taste.

5. Snacks – Pool party snacks are all about the delicate balance between healthy and junk. An assortment of fresh fruit is often a good counterpart to an array of salty treats, such as pretzels or chips.

6. Floats – Floats are a must for a memorable pool party. There is no reason to think that floats are only for kids. In fact, you will find it extremely difficult to curb your adult guests’ enthusiasm once they spot and get their hands on these babies. Just make sure that your floats are large enough.

7. Music – There’s no party without a cool soundtrack, and that goes double for pool parties. You can use one of the super-convenient streaming services to play some chill summertime songs, or you can choose to go old-school and create a playlist on your own.

8. Sunscreen – Not all guests will remember to bring pool party essentials, and applying sun protection is really important if you’re about to spend a couple of hours by the pool. That is why you should not forget to organize a sunscreen station.

9. Lounging – Not everyone’s going to be eager to spend all the time in the pool, and some people don’t like spending time in water at all. Do yourself a favor and get a couple of cozy lounge chairs for your less-than-enthusiastic pool-goers.

10. Phone cases – And of a waterproof variety. If you’re hosting a pool party, you want to be able to document it. These waterproof phone cases allow you to take crazy shots that will look incredible on social media. No filter needed!

11. Games – To take things up a notch, consider organizing fun poolside games for all your friends to participate in and enjoy. Just don’t overdo it. Try to keep the games simple enough for everyone to follow and take part in without trying too hard.

12. Pests – An amazing pool party can quickly turn into a disastrous free-for-all if all kinds of nasty pests start showing up. Make a plan of how you’re going to protect your guests from mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Think basil or lavender-based repellents which are natural and efficient with a pleasant scent.

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