Pool Leak Detection And Repair

Winter pool leak detection and repair can be easily done in the summer. However, it can still cause severe damage if done improperly.

The water level in the pool will no longer support the pool cover. This will cause the cover to sink into the pool and cause damage to its hardware. Ice sheets can also form under the cover.

The water leaking from the pool will freeze and expand, which can damage the surrounding concrete. As more water gets into the pool, its liner will shrink and cause the entire pool to pop out of the ground.

During the winter season, keep an eye on your pool's water level to prevent it from leaking. This can help you avoid costly repairs.


  1. Sometimes, a pool pump will pump water through a pool cover. If the issue still appears, then try filling the pool again with a hose. Also, make sure that the pump is not near any holes.
  2. The level of the pool should also help determine the location of the leak. Also, make sure that the liner is clean and free of debris.
  3. If the water level is still around the same level as the light, this could be the source of the leak. To fix, remove the light from the wall and pull it up to the deck. Pool putty or light cord stoppers are ideal for areas where the light cord goes through the conduit. To prevent the pool from draining, make sure to empty the pool regularly.
  4. If the liner has been intentionally cut, inspect the areas where the pool's components have been intentionally removed.
  5. If the plaster in your pool appears to have cracks, try looking for leaks around the area. If the cracks appear elsewhere, then it's time to have the plaster repaired.

This winter, keep an eye on your pool to avoid any damage. With these pool leak prevention and repair tips, you can prevent any damage from happening.


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