Pool Accessories You Might Not Have Considered: In-ground Winter Pool Cover

Whether you have an in-ground pool cover or not, it is important that you choose the right one to keep your pool looking great for years to come.

A good pool cover should be made of strong material to prevent damage to the aquatic system. It should also support the weight of the elephant. A cover can also prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the pool. It will also keep the pool from getting too hot and melting snow from draining away.

You also want to make sure that your pool cover is durable and meets safety standards. These requirements also need that pool covers be able to support a certain weight and are designed to prevent gaps that a child or a pet could create.

A pool cover that's in-ground will also work for custom-built pools. It should protect the features of your pool, such as the raised decks and waterfalls. Contact your local dealer to have them install the cover. They can also help with removing obstacles that are more than 9 inches high. While these features are great for enjoying the warm weather, they can also leave areas with large gaps when used with traditional up-and-over treatments. It can also be possible for someone to get in through the pool’s edge. Our treatment closes these gaps, making the pool safer for everyone.

An in-ground pool cover should anchor to the deck securely. This is done using durable, non-corrosive, 304 grade stainless steel springs and brass anchors.

Even though it's cold outside, keeping your pool covered is important. Contact a trusted pool dealer for more information on how to install our in-ground pool cover.


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