Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport is a great pool cleaner that can get rid of algae, and other large objects in your pool.

It is a pressure-side device that we highly recommend. It features a variety of features that make it stand out from the rest.



The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport is a pool cleaner that features a large debris collector bag. This bag can handle a lot of debris. It's also capable of going for a long time without needing to be changed.

The Polaris features an automatic backup valve that will automatically turn on once the device gets stuck in one place. It also prevents the dirt from getting in the way of the operation.

The pool cleaner comes with a tail-brush style hose that helps to prevent water from flowing out of the pool. It also helps to get rid of dirt and other debris from the corners.



When used with a booster pump, this pool cleaner will provide the most power possible. This pump works by supplying the necessary power to the pressure-side pool cleaners.



The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport is a great pool cleaner that can achieve a maximum filtration rate of 40 gallons per minute. It features a dual chamber filter bag and a five-liter capacity.

This pool cleaner is equipped with three Wide Trax wheels that give it 50% more traction. Its inlet is also 2 12 inches wide, which means it can accommodate boulders or other debris.


Is it worth it?

If your pool is situated near rocks or trees, then the Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport may be the best pool cleaner for your needs. Its super cleaning power will keep the debris from settling in the pool.


Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 Sport

This Side Pool Cleaner delivers unmatched vacuum power to sweep and scrubs the bottom and walls of your in-ground swimming pool.

  • Pressure side cleaner for in ground pools
  • Recommended for pools up to 15' x 30', though extra hose lengths can be added
  • Cleans floors, walls and gradual slopes
  • Works with all surface types
  • Includes 31' hose
  • Requires booster pump
  • 5-liter capacity SuperBag
  • PosiDrive system
  • WideTrax Tires
  • Box includes: cleaner body, SuperBag (double all-purpose zippered bag), float, sweep hose, sweep hose scrubber, feed hose, hose floats, back-up valve, in-filter with filter screen, quick disconnect with universal wall fitting, UWF restrictor disks (red and blue)

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