Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 is a small pressure cleaner that fits into the hands of most homeowners. It features a self-inflating motor and is designed to perform a variety of tasks.

This pressure pool cleaner is ideal for removing debris from fiberglass and vinyl pool surfaces. It can also be used on in-ground pools. Its jet assembly effectively cleans the pool's surface.

The Vac-Sweep 165 is a pressure pool cleaner that doesn’t require an additional pump. Also, similar to the 65, the 165 can be used for above-ground pool cleaning.

The package includes a 32-foot hose, which is ideal for areas with average size pools. This type of hose can help circulate the water in less than three hours.

If your pool has a concrete base, you may want to consider an upgrade to a more powerful cleaner.

The Vac-Sweep 165 is a small pool vacuum that can be easily cleaned with a regular filter. It may get stuck in one area of the pool and require manual cleaning.

The pressure vacuum is a good choice for people who regularly clean their in-ground pool. However, it is not powerful enough to remove dirt from the pool's surface. It can also get stuck in corners.


Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 165 is an in-ground pool cleaner that works seamlessly with the systems typically found in most fiberglass and vinyl pools. It features a patented jet sweep assembly that's designed to remove debris from the pool's surface. Its easy-to-use filter bag helps keep the pool clean.

  • Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 pressure side pool cleaner
  • Works in all in-ground vinyl or fiberglass pools
  • Operates on pool circulation pump
  • Ready to connect to 1.5-inch threaded return line.Includes 32-feet of float hose

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