Polaris P825 Sport Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Are you worried about the cleanliness of your swimming pool? If yes, then maybe you're not the only one who has a pool cleaning routine that's not ideal. There are also monthly fees for pool maintenance.

Aside from being fun and relaxing, swimming pools are also not always fun. They require regular cleaning and maintenance, and these are some of the worries that come with being a pool owner.

There's a growing trend of using robotic pool cleaners to automatically clean your pool. These gadgets are very useful for everyone who has a private pool.

While it's very easy to use, the Polaris P825 robotic pool cleaner can be commonly used to clean large in-ground pools. It does the hard work for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy the pool.

This model is a powerful pool vacuum that features a patented cyclonic vacuum technology. This means it can remove both large and small debris.

The P825 is equipped with a Surface Control System that allows it to clean in-ground and surface pools of all sizes. Its flexible tread design allows it to travel through virtually any pool surface.


How it Works?

The Polaris P825 is a robotic pool cleaner that's capable of cleaning the surfaces of your pool using a single brush. It's powered by an energy-efficient motor that can remove dirt particles and algae from the water.

The dual-purpose motor and tank treads allow the pool robot to drive through the pool while simultaneously sucking up all the dirt particles on its path. The strong suction also prevents the water from getting trapped and dirty.

The P825 is a top-of-the-line filtration system that consists of a large filter basket with a transparent window that lets you see inside. This feature eliminates the need for an electric sensor to tell when the filter is full.

This model has a smart navigation system that uses sensors to allow the robot to navigate in the pool. It features a high-grade tread pattern for smooth underwater movement.

This pool cleaner is designed to work in shallow and non-ground pools with a length of less than 40 feet. Its floating power cord prevents the robot from getting tangled in the pool and performing its duties efficiently.



The P825's single scrubber is positioned at the front of the device to enable it to clean the pool's steps and corners. Its rubber tread allows the robot to easily drive over any in-ground pool surface.

As an automatic pool cleaner, it does a good job cleaning the pool. However, it has certain flaws that can cause it to malfunction. For instance, once it gets stuck on the drain, it will not be able to work properly until it gets rescued.

The filter system of this robot is supposed to remove particles from the water, but it does not effectively filter out the fine particles that are floating around in the pool. This issue will also affect the water's appearance.


Easy to set-up and use

Like other robotic pool cleaners, the P825 requires no setup to get started. Just plug it in and it will automatically clean your pool.

The P825 comes with a simple control panel that enables the user to control the robot.

This robot has dual cleaning cycles, which can be used for a quick clean and an extended cleaning session. It also comes with a pool caddy that allows easy mobility.



The Push N’ Go filter cartridge is very easy to remove and replace, it comes with a push button ejector. This pool machine is very user-friendly.

This robot has a filter cartridge that's the only maintenance it needs. It's also good to check other wearable parts, such as the tank treads and the scrubber.



The Polaris P825 is a pool cleaner that comes with a pool caddy. It's a great addition to any pool or spa. It's also light enough to carry around.

The model is very durable and will last for a long time, so expect to pay a few hundred bucks for a few issues.



The Polaris P825 is a great pool cleaning robot that can do a good job on the floors and walls of a pool. It is also capable of cleaning the waterline.


Polaris P825 Sport Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This Pool Cleaner has strong cleaning power, all terrain tank treads, and the easiest filter removal for a robotic pool cleaner in our catalog.

  • Push 'N' Go easy eject solid filter.
  • Cyclonic vacuum technology.
  • ATV wall cleaning - coves, steps, seats, tile, it doesn't matter!
  • Premium caddy with power supply unit.
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty!

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