Polaris F20 Vac-Sweep 180 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner F20

The Vac-Sweep 180 is the original pressure pool cleaner from Polaris. It has a single jet and is ideal for small pools.

It is the original single-jet pool cleaner from Polaris. It's a great choice for small pools and has all the basic features of an automatic pool vacuum. The jet cleaner helps keep your pool's filtration system running smoothly by pushing dirt and debris into its large filter bag. It's also lightweight and can handle stairs and pool walls.


A backup valve is attached to the hose and activates once the water begins to boil. This helps the vac-sooth evenly clean the pool surface. It also releases debris from the corners of the pool. The cleaner is suitable for all types of pool surfaces, including fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. It can also be used with the Vac-Sweep.

The 180 is only capable of cleaning small and medium-sized pools. Unfortunately, it won’t work for most pools due to its single cleaning jet. As a result, it is being replaced by the newer models.


The original Polaris 180 is no longer available in newer models, but it still has plenty of features that are still useful for most pool cleaners. This unit is also compatible with most newer models.


Polaris F20 Vac-Sweep 180

  • Vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom, walls and steps of any size pool in 3 hours or less.
  • Large bottom opening picks up large debris like leaves, acorns and pebbles.
  • Runs off a separate booster pump, working independently from the rest of your pool system.
  • Unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system.

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Venturi Jets 1 Jet
Vacuum Inlet 1 ¼"
Drive Mechanism Original Shaft Drive
Tires Classic
Requires Booster Pump Yes
Auto Backup No
Debris Bag Single Chamber
Pool Type / Surface Inground / All
TailSweep PRO® Compatibility Yes


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