Polaris 280 BlackMax Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner (F5B)

This Polaris 280 BlackMax is the same model cleaner as the Polaris 280 pressure side automatic pool cleaner. The only difference is the black color scheme of this unit. The Polaris 280 BlackMax model has an all black design that will blend in better in darker colored pools.

This Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is the most used automatic cleaner out of the available options for in ground pools. The Polaris 280 BlackMax cleaner comes complete with 31 feet of hose, back-up valve, universal wall fitting connector, and an all-purpose zippered bag. In order for the cleaner to run, it requires a booster pump which is sold separately.

The Polaris 280 collects, traps, and stirs up debris from the floor and walls in the pool. This cleaner connects to the dedicated pressure line from the side of the pool, requiring a booster pump for operation. The Polaris 280 BlackMax uses a narrow turbine, drive shaft, and idler wheel to provide forward drive to the cleaner's wheels. It features two venturi jets that help move it around the in ground pool for a quick and effective clean.

It holds both small and medium sized debris in its filter bag such as pebbles, leaves, and acorns. The debris it collects does not go back into the pump basket or filter. This feature helps extend the life on the filtration system.

Use the Polaris 280 BlackMax Pressure Side Pool Cleaner to keep your swimming pool clean, clear, and free of dirt and debris.


Polaris 280 BlackMax Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner (F5B)

The Polaris 280 BlackMax is the black color schemed model of the classic blue and white colored model Polaris 280. Requires a dedicated booster pump.

  • Pressure side cleaner for all in ground pools
  • BlackMax design for dark bottom pools
  • Cleans pool floors and walls
  • Works with all pool surface types
  • Includes 31' of hose
  • Requires a booster pump for operation
  • Three hour cleaning cycle
  • Classic model of the Polaris 280 also available

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Booster Pump: Sold Separately
Pool Surface: All Surfaces
Cleaning Area: Floor, Walls, and Steps
Cord/Hose Length: 31 ft
Product Type: Pool Cleaner
Installation Type: Residential
Pool Cleaner Type: Pressure Side
Pool Type: In Ground
Cleaning Cycle: 3 hours
Surface Color: Darker Colored Pools
Manufacturer: Polaris


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