Overview of In Ground Spa Covers

Inground spa covers are an absolute necessity if you want to keep a hot and dry inground spa. They can be made of concrete or plaster, or an acrylic shell is placed into the ground.

Inground spa covers are available in various configurations. They can be standalone systems or part of a pool/spa combo. The intention of this guide is to present you types of In Ground Spa Covers.



A floating spa blanket can help retain some of the heat that's in the water and reduce evaporation. However, they are not ideal for minimizing solar heat.

This foam spa blanket is more durable and is more insulating than standard spa blankets. It has a 1" closed cell foam core and is more than 3x the insulation of standard pool blankets.



Similar to aboveground spa covers, these covers can be used for inground spa applications. However, they should be used with a few minor caveats.

SKIRT: The skirt of a spa cover is usually shortened or eliminated depending on the size of the spa and the surrounding deck. It can also be raised or flushed with the deck if the cover is raised above the deck.

SIZE: Since an inground spa cover is usually bigger than the inside diameter of its pool, it's easier to install and remove since it's more secure. However, if you're only planning on using the cover for a few years, it's important to make sure that the size is right for your needs.

STRAPS: Inground spa covers can be very durable and have a variety of features, such as straps and clips. However, they can also be very flammable and can cause unsafe access to the pool.

For covers that are not straps, use 11' long cover Wind Straps. These straps are designed to cross over the top of the cover, and they have edge pads to protect the edge. If used properly, they will keep the cover secure and prevent heat leakage.

Strapping pool covers using straps and anchors is a heavier duty method that involves securing the pool deck to the safety of the pool. For this method, connect two or more straps to a pair of springs and secure the cover using brass anchors.

In addition, you can choose a custom in ground spa cover.

For the best inground spa cover, choose a durable foam with a high density and a low foam thickness. This will help keep it down and protect against tree branch damage.


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